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Five Card Shuffling Techniques

The key to an effortless card shuffling is that there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. It’s not a case of only mashing cards together and hoping for the best. There are techniques that are involved, and you must put in a bit of work in order to master them. Like any other skill, card shuffling needs a bit of practice. We have compiled five-card shuffling techniques for you to learn. Read on.

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1.      Preparatory to shuffle

No one is born with the best ability to shuffle cards. Shuffling cards is something that you will have to learn if you want to be good. You have to set aside a bit of time to practise. It helps to begin slow, and slowly increase your speed. Trying to shuffle very quickly right off the bat is like trying to run before you can walk. For a successful card shuffling experience, you’ll have to treat yourself to a brand-new deck of cards as an old deck might be worn and damaged. Cards with bent corners make shuffling difficult, so it’s best to start fresh. Beware, too over time, shuffling damage cards.

2.      The overhand shuffle

This is the basic shuffle, and is a good place to begin if you’ve never tried to shuffle cards before. Hold your deck with the dominant hand so that the cards are on their sides. Hold the cards lightly, with your fingertips on the edges. While holding the cards, place the deck in your palm, so that it becomes a sort of base. Then you can start shuffling. Lift half the deck at a time, then make sure to replace them at the front of the deck.

3.      The riffle Card Shuffle

When you play blackjack online, you’re sure to be acquainted with this shuffle. In fact, it’s also known as the blackjack shuffle, because it’s popular with dealers. It’s fast, effective, and when done the right way it won’t damage your cards that much. For this one, you’ll need to start with your deck separated into two, with the halves side by side. Take one half of the deck in each hand, using a similar position.

4.      The Hindu card shuffle

This is a very nice and easy shuffle. You hold the deck in your non-dominant hand. Thereafter, you can choose to use your thumb and the middle finger to support it, although new players can add the index finger to make it easier. Take about ten cards at a time from the top of the stack with your dominant hand.

5.      The strip card shuffle

The strip shuffle is used as a method of finishing a shuffle, despite it also works alone. Fundamentally, you’ll be cutting the deck numerous times at speed. To do this quickly, you have to use both hands. Secure the deck in place with your non-dominant hand, then recurrently take small sections of cards – again, maybe about 10 at a time – out, then re-add them elsewhere.

A Card shuffling machine

Still not getting the hang of it? All is not lost. If you can’t get to grips with shuffling cards, then you may get yourself a shuffling machine. It won’t be as stunning as a hand shuffle, but it’ll surely get the job done!

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