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Will Robots Be the Future of Casinos?

Given that robots are now used in numerous industrial applications these days, most people ask how and where they will be positioned to provide even more personal services, too. What if robots can make your bed, do grocery shopping, or even create cordon-bleu meal? Given the deftness required to perform as a chef, it requests the question about whether a robot could also act as a croupier.

However, a blackjack dealer must more than the cards in a land-based or live-action environment. One of the key reasons for selecting a live dealer game in a blackjack casino is the human interaction that you can enjoy. For a robotic dealer to offer the same experience in a live online blackjack game, or anywhere else for that matter, a robotic dealer must be able to socialize and react self-sufficiently to outside incentives to offer a warmly satisfying service.

Artificial intelligence and technology used to run virtual games is already well established.  However, it is a big step forward to think about a robot using programming to run games in a physical environment.

Robotic Security Systems

The easily automated application is insecurity. There are many automated systems used in casino security as monitoring with CCTV is a technology that exists. Facial recognition technology is available as well, however, not yet widely deployed.

Robotic Waiting Staff

Serving the supplies of casino-goers in a physical environment is more than simply dealing with the cards and taking their bets. Casinos are places of all-round fun, after all, and that includes forestalling needs – both physical and emotional. Although robotic waiters may be something we can look forward to, will they will fully replace the human staff?

Robotic Bartenders

talking to a member of a casino’s bar staff is part of the experience when visiting a gambling house. Some people never get used to the idea of a robotic bartender. Nevertheless, as humanoid robots are more and more sophisticated, it is likely to be increasingly hard to know whether you are ordering from a person or not.

Robotic Croupiers

So now we come to the likelihood of meeting a robotic croupier in a live gaming environment when playing online blackjack. It’s not as farfetched as one might think! In fact, there have been lots of research going on in the field of humanoid robotics lately, particularly in Japan and China where this technology is quite advanced. The key to dealing cards is making robotic hands handle these items carefully and with reliable control; while the advanced activities like shuffling can be automated, dealing the cards and also understanding when a player is sticking or even twisting takes a lot of processing power.

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