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Best Online Blackjack Real Money

150x150 online blackjack real money

Online blackjack real money games are the most popular casino card games worldwide. Blackjack is a casino card game in which players gamble on the outcome of each hand dealt. Each player aims to get as close to 21 points as possible, based on the value of their cards in-hand, without going over, which results in a bust.

Our online blackjack games guide will help you learn how to play blackjack. besides, learn the game’s tips and strategy and find the best blackjack casinos to gamble at.

Best Casinos To Play Blackjack

Online Blackjack Strategy

The good news about blackjack online is that there is no shortage of available advice on how you can play the game. Strategy charts are available everywhere online, as apps, and even in books. You just have to find the one which works for you.
Strategy charts work by giving players the proper play for each possible deal receive. Also, every possible card that the dealer shows. For instance, you may see something like this as a small portion of one of the charts.

Your Hand Dealer Card: 2 Blackjack Dealer Card: 3 Dealer Card: 4
Hard 12 Hit Hit Stand
Hard 13 To Stand Stand To Stand
Hard 14 Stand To Stand Stand


This shows you that, for instance, if you get a 12 with your first two cards without an ace involved (hence a “hard 12”) and the blackjack dealer is showing a 2, you must hit. If nevertheless, you have a hard 13 and the card dealer holds a 2, then you should stand.

Quick Blackjack Tips

  1. Manage your bankroll- always place a budget and stick to it.
  2. Learn a strategy- Basic blackjack strategy is worth checking out as some do give the edge, know when to hit or stand.
  3. Don’t bet more than half your stack on one wager- gambling with more than half your bet at once is a very reckless play.
  4. Keep your head- A successful blackjack player is the one who gambles with their head and not their heart.

Different Versions of Blackjack

There are multiple versions of Blackjack available. Some of the most popular versions are:

Atlantic City Blackjack

150x112 atlantic city blackjackAtlantic City Blackjack is a popular version of Blackjack played with eight decks of cards. At the start of the game, the dealer is automatically dealt with two cards, whereby they immediately check if they have Blackjack. If they do, they win the game, meaning players won’t automatically just lose their money.


European Blackjack

150x104 european blackjack online European Blackjack is a variation of classic Blackjack that is probably the most similar to the original online game. In European Blackjack, a hand that consists of a natural Blackjack (an Ace and a card with a face value of 10), is stronger than a hand of 21 (three cards or more to make up 21).


How to Play Blackjack

150x150 How to play Blackjack for beginners After learning blackjack rules, you will then know that when playing online blackjack, players are dealt with two cards by the gaming site, who both act as opponents and dealers. If a player gets Blackjack/21 on the first two cards they are dealt with, it is called a ‘soft Blackjack’. This ‘soft’ hand will then be made up of a card with a face value of 10, and an Ace, which is usually counted as either a 1 or 11, depending on how it would best serve a player.

Play Blackjack Free No Download

One of the great advantages of playing the game for fun is that players usually do not need to download any software to play the game. Websites are usually either download-based or Flash-based, though some offer a choice between both. You can also play for real money and enjoy the games at the same time.  The free blackjack game is also available to play with friends.

Why You Should Play Blackjack?

Playing blackjack allows you to gamble from the comfort of your own home.

  1. The cards game offers a better chance to experience gambling at Blackjack tables with minimum and maximum wagers which suit your bankroll.
  2. Like when gambling at brick-and-mortar Casinos, the game involves both luck and strategy.
  3. Basically, the aim of gaming this game is the same – to beat the dealer by gaining a Blackjack, 21, or at obtaining a score which is close to 21.
  4. You’ll find different online variants of Blackjack on desktop and mobile sites. Please contact the casino if you have queries.
  5. Playing online gives you the chance to increase your bankroll by bagging a bonus on signing-up and it offers no distractions!

Top 10 Blackjack Casinos for Real Money in 2022

Ranking Casino Bonus Available Play Now
1. bovegas casino $6,000 Bonus Play Bovegas Casino
2. vegas online casino $3,000 Bonus Play Vegas Online Casino
3. lucky-red-casino $4,000 Bonus Play Lucky Red
4. lincoln-casino $3,000 Bonus Play Lincoln Casino
5. cherry-casino $2,500 Bonus Play Cherry Gold
6. casino irish luck $2,500 Bonus Play Irish luck Casino
7. supernova-casino $3,000


Play Supernova Casino
8. sun-palace-casino-usa $10,000


Play Sun Palace
9. las-vegas-casino-usa $3,000 Bonus Play Vegas Casino
10. eclipse-casino $1,750 Bonus Play Eclipse Casino


Online Blackjack FAQs

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