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Blackjack Strategies for New Players

Rachel Elam | February 16, 2021 | Updated on: August 18th, 2022

New gamblers have a lot of activities to pick from. They can choose to game on an easy game, like slot games, or they can select to play a casino game that gives them a better chance to win.

The choice you make as a new player should be dictated by what you want to get when you play. Most players say that they want to win. However, then they play casino games that can’t be beaten in the long run.

Blackjack is the game recommended for most beginning players.

Here are proven strategies for blackjack players that even new gamblers can use.

Blackjack Strategy online

For the Love of All Holy Things

When you play blackjack and get an ace and a 10-point card, moreover a 10 or a face card, you then get paid more than 1 to 1. 1 to 1 is what you get paid on all of your winning hands.

Blackjack pays 3 to 2 or 6 to 5 on every blackjack table. Casinos hope that players don’t think about the difference between these two payouts, and most players fall for this.

Avoid the Worst Blackjack Plays

To get the uppermost return playing blackjack, you also need to identify the worst plays and try to avoid making them.

The worst play in a blackjack game is taking insurance. Insurance, which is sometimes known as even money, is a wager that costs half your starting bet and pays 2 to 1 when the dealer has a blackjack.

Identify When You Have a Casino Advantage

Casinos make much money from offering blackjack games to gamblers. The main reason blackjack is so profitable for a casino is because they have a house advantage. The advantage isn’t that huge, but even with a small advantage, they make much over time.

Get More Money in Play with an Advantage

You have three circumstances where you can get extra money in play when you have an advantage. The first way is to bet more on every hand.

How to Master Perfect Blackjack Strategy

The simple way to learn when you have an advantage and to also take advantage of it by getting additional money in play is using the strategy. And blackjack game strategy can be used on each hand if you have the right tool.

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