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Best Casino Perks Programs

For any casual gambler, a casino perk program is a good way to save a few dollars for a buffet dinner. For an expert gambler or the savvy traveler, a casino perk program is a superb way to save money while gambling. About every casino out there offers some kind of loyalty or perk program that offers discounts, coupons, rewards etc. for signing up. Of course, the more you gamble, spend or lose, the better the rewards and perks you get to obtain.

Not all perk programs are equal. Hence, we decided to take a look at six different rewards programs to see what offers they might give. These rewards are subject to change, nonetheless, they give you an idea of what to expect when you sign up.

Casino Rewards Programs

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M life Rewards – M life is the most inclusive, far-reaching, and very generous program amongst any perks program. The M life is the rewards program that is associated with the MGM Grand chain of hotels and, as such, it has a reach as far and wide as MGM movies.

  1. M Life Rewards Cards – What kind of rewards are available through M life? Well, the more you spend on dining, hotels or gambling, the more points you receive. Points can be spent on slots, table games, spa treatments, video poker, hotels and more.
  2. Total Rewards – another rewards program that covers different casinos, though only located in the continental United States. There aren’t quite many options for Total Rewards as in M life, however, the hotels include places such as Caesars Palace, Nobu Hotel, Rio Hotels and Suites etc.
  3. Caesars Total Rewards Logo – Sadly, we don’t all live in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, so it’s nice to know we could be building points in places a little closer to home.
  4. Fan Club – The Fan Club is similar to Total Rewards in that it offers a great mix of local venues to gamble and also earn points with numerous destination casinos. If you want Las Vegas hotels, you can then use Fan Club at Eldorado, Circus Circus, and the Silver Legacy.
  5. Identity Membership and Rewards – Identity is the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas casino reward. It’s smaller in scope than other casino rewards programs, though it makes up for it with its gifts and the transparency it gives to customers.
  6. Affinity Gaming’s A-Play Club – Affinity Gaming is a series of gambling sites throughout the Midwest and smaller casinos in Nevada. A-Play is a small program, though it’s kind of the tiny lion that roars. It offers a tiered reward structure, like other programs, opening with a Red Card and closing in Platinum tier.


Nearly every casino either offers their own rewards program or they are tied into the perks program of their business parent. What’s even more vital is that none of the programs cost any money to join, but can save you money.

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