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Online Blackjack USA 2019

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Blackjack is a casino card game in which players gamble on the outcome of each hand dealt. Each player’s aim is to get as close to 21 as possible, based on the value of their cards in-hand, without going over, which results in a bust. Online Blackjack in USA in 2019 is the best way to play one of the world’s favourite casino games for real money USD Online Blackjack allows American players to win massive real money American Dollar jackpots from the comfort of their own home. We only feature the carefully reviewed and ranked online casinos with the best online casino games, including the best online Blackjack in USA. More and more players are choosing to play online Blackjack at online casinos in USA, as it offers the best of both worlds; gigantic real money jackpots and the ability to play anywhere, and anytime.

Recommended Blackjack Casinos

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How to Play Online Blackjack USA 2019

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It is easier than ever to play online Blackjack in USA. At Casinos Online USA we test and thoroughly review every online casino we feature. This means that American gamblers who make use of Best USA Online Casinos can play with absolute trust that they are playing the latest and greatest online Blackjack games at the safest and most secure online casinos.

Almost all of the online casinos featured on Best USA Online Casinos have some form of online Blackjack for players to enjoy. From traditional online Blackjack to live dealer Blackjack, everything is available for gamblers in USA to enjoy.

Blackjack Online for Money

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Most online Blackjack players prefer to play for and win real money. The great advantage of playing Blackjack online is that gamblers still get to win prizes comparable to, or a lot of the time, bigger than those offered at land-based casinos. This means that American no longer need to travel hundreds, or sometimes oven thousands of miles to play Blackjack and win real money. They can simply log on to their PC or mobile device and play both online Blackjack and live dealer Blackjack and win real money prizes, from wherever they are.

All of the casinos featured on Best USA Online Casinos that have online Blackjack for players to enjoy allow players to wager for and win real money.

Blackjack Online for Fun

Although most players prefer playing for real money; playing online Blackjack for fun is still the best way to learn all about the game without having to put any real money on the line.

Play Blackjack Online Free No Download

One of the great advantages of playing Blackjack online for fun is that players usually do not need to download any software to play the game. Online casinos are usually either download-based or Flash-based, though some offer a choice between both.

Best Online Blackjack 2019

There are many versions of online Blackjack on the internet available for players to enjoy. As every version was created by a different supplier, each has marked differences to the other. Though, this does not necessarily mean that one version is better than the other. Each one caters to different players’ different needs.

Though, players can be assured that they are sure to have an excellent experience playing any of the versions of online Blackjack created by any one of the major online casino software suppliers like Playtech, Microgaming, or Evolution Gaming, who specializes in live dealer Blackjack.

Online Blackjack – How to Play

The rules of online Blackjack are easy enough to understand. New players will find the rules are plain and simple and seasoned land-based casino Blackjack players will find that the rules aren’t all that different from the live game they know and love.

Players are dealt two cards by the casino, who both acts as opponent and dealer. If a player gets Blackjack/21 on the first two cards they are dealt, it is called a ‘soft Blackjack’. This ‘soft’ hand will then be made up of a card with a face value of 10, and an Ace, which is usually counted as either a 1 or 11, depending on how it would best serve a player. More on what the value of each card is later on this page.

If a player does not land on a ‘soft Blackjack’, they can choose to either ‘take a hit’ (request another card during the round of play), or ‘stand’ (refuse another card during the round of play), depending on their strategy or current hand.

Different Versions of Online Blackjack

There are multiple versions of Blackjack available, not only at land-based casinos but online casinos as well. Some of the most popular versions are:

Atlantic City Blackjack

Atlantic City Blackjack is a popular version of Blackjack played with eight decks of cards. At the start of the game, the dealer is automatically dealt two cards, whereby they immediately check if they have Blackjack. If they do, they win the game, meaning players won’t automatically just lose their money.

Atlantic City Blackjack also has one of the lowest house edges of any version of Blackjack. This makes it a particularly attractive option for both new players and high-rollers. New players prefer the game because they have a better chance of winning, and high-rollers like the fact that they have a chance to win big while cutting down the probability of major losses.

European Blackjack

European Blackjack is a variation of classic Blackjack that is probably the most similar to the original game. In European Blackjack, a hand that consists of a natural Blackjack (an Ace and a card with a face value of 10), is stronger than a hand of 21 (three cards or more to make up 21).

Counting Cards – The Dark Side of Online Blackjack

Many players, even if they are unfamiliar with the rules of online Blackjack, have probably heard of the term ‘counting cards. Counting cards is a, though not illegal, but highly, highly discouraged tactic that players can employ while playing online Blackjack.

Counting cards gives players a slight advantage over the house that was not in place when the game started. Casinos that suspect, or can prove that a player was counting cards may bar them for life, as well as inform other casinos of what the player was doing. These casinos may choose to take the same course, making it much harder for a player to gamble again.

At Best USA Online Casinos, we discourage card counting and encourage free and fair play.

Online Blackjack – When to Split

When a player is dealt two cards of the same value, they are given the option to split their hand, and double their bet and subsequently, the amount they can win. However, when do players know exactly when to split. Well, here is a handy guide to knowing when to split a hand.

Cards in Hand

Split: Yes or No




Yes, unless the dealer has 7 or higher.


Yes, unless the dealer has 7 or higher.






Yes, unless the dealer has 7 or higher.


Yes, unless the dealer has 7 or higher.




Yes, unless the dealer has 7 or higher.

Tens/Cards with a face value of 10


Online Blackjack USA – From Small Beginnings to Worldwide Fame

Today, online Blackjack is one of, if not the most widely played casino game in the world. Though, the game hasn’t always been as popular as it is today. Blackjack/Twenty-One went through many changes and iteration before becoming the game we know and love today.

Though Blackjack is often referred to as twenty-one, the game is mainly influenced by another game called ‘twenty-one’, whose origins are still disputed. A French game Vingt-et-un (meaning “twenty-one”) and a Spanish game called Trente-un (meaning “thirty-one) also played a big part in forming Blackjack. Though there is no one point where the game’s name changed from twenty-one to Blackjack, it seems the name was actually adopted in the United States in the early 1900s.

During this time, a game of twenty-one with a massive payout was offered for a player who hit a soft 21 with an Ace of Spades and a black Jack of any suit. It was soon amalgamated to ‘Blackjack’, and the game with the catchy name soon caught on across the US. The change of name led to a change of rules, and now players could see a dealers’ up cards before they had to make their own wager. Also, casinos started establishing set rules for their Blackjack dealers, who could no longer choose to stand or take a hit, but followed the casinos pre-set list of when to take a hit and when to stand.

Online Blackjack Card Values

Every card in a game of Blackjack has a different value, though different suits do not have different values.

Each card is thus counted as:


Jokers do not form part of any Blackjack game and are removed from each deck used in a game.


An Ace is worth either 1 or 11, depending on how it would best serve a player in their hand.

Cards 2-10

All of these cards are counted as face value. This means that the number on each card represents its worth.

Jack, Queen, or King

These three cards are all valued at 10. Like all other cards, this is regardless of their suit.

CA Online Blackjack FAQ

Why should I even bother playing online Blackjack when I can just play at a casino?

Online Blackjack is simply the best way to play Blackjack. It offers players the chance to win massive real money jackpots while giving them a chance to play from wherever they find most comfortable. At home, during a lunch break, or even on the train home. American players can enjoy some of the latest and greatest online Blackjack games and win real money. What’s not to love?

Is it possible to count cards playing online Blackjack?

Yes, but this is discouraged. Just like at a land-based casino, players who are suspected of counting cards may be banned from the online casino, for life. Players should not count cards.

Will I have the same odds playing online Blackjack as I would play at a land-based casino?

For sure. All results in a game of Blackjack at a land-based casino are random, as the decks are properly shuffled. To emulate this, online casinos us a Random Number Generator (RNG) to ensure that the outcome of each draw of a card is truly random. At Casinos Online USA, we ensure that all of the casinos we feature use an RNG to create a truly fair and transparent gambling experience for all.

Will online Blackjack be as immersive if I play it on a mobile device?

Yes. Online mobile casinos go to every conceivable measure to ensure that all of the games offered on mobile devices have all of the feature’s players have come to know and love on computers. This means safe and secure casino banking via 128-bit SSL encryption as well as immersive games with fantastic 3D graphics and excellent sound design.

Do I need two different accounts to play online Blackjack on computer and mobile devices?

No. Players only need to register one profile at each casino to play at both their online and mobile versions of the casinos. This means players can play with one bankroll, wherever they are.

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