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7 Reasons Why Most Blackjack Gamblers Lose

Most gamblers head to the slot games, where they don’t need to think too much when playing. Meanwhile, those who see themselves as tacticians sit down at the blackjack tables.

Blackjack features the most complex strategy out of any casino game. Players’ chances of winning can rise or even fall by around 5% based on their gaming skills. Some gamblers’ odds of winning fall because they make many mistakes.

Players make mistakes on the blackjack game tables for different reasons. Here are the seven biggest reasons why people lose when playing the game of blackjack.

why players loose at blackjack
  1. Relying on Luck to Win

Many games force you to rely on a chance to win. Baccarat, Slot machines, roulette, keno online, and scratch cards all fall into the category.

With these games, you cannot do much to boost your odds of winning other than looking for high RTP and placing the right bets.

  1. Ignoring the Blackjack Strategy

Gamblers described above might ignore the blackjack strategy for the simple fact that they don’t even know it exists, or at least that it plays a large role in the game. However, a certain subsection of players knows of the strategy yet still choose to overlook it.

  1. Failure to Understand Game Rules

A strategy isn’t the only main aspect when trying to lessen the blackjack house edge. Game rules play a great role in this mission.

This mistake can be credited to being new to the game. Most novice players don’t realize that there are diverse rules in blackjack—let alone how the rules change the house edge.

  1. The Use of Oddball Strategies

Unless you are card counting, the best blackjack strategy is the basic strategy. You can’t do any better than to follow the path blazed by gaming mathematicians with time.

  1. Chasing after Losses

Nobody likes to suffer from a losing session. Given that blackjack is a negative anticipation game, though, losses do take place. However, some gamblers refuse to accept their losses. They continue to play under the guise that they’re due for a win.

6.Failing to Sign Up for the VIP Programs

VIP rewards provide players with an opportunity to earn something back from their betting action. Both Land-based and web casinos offer casino comps, which in some cases pays back some percentage of gamblers’ total bets.

  1. Playing Blackjack only to Get Rewards

Players want to take advantage of loyalty perks when possible. If one is going to play a blackjack game anyway, they might as well also collect rewards in the process.

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