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What are the 6 Luckiest Numbers?

6, 7, 33, 38, 40, and 49 are numbers known worldwide as the six luckiest numbers. These lotto numbers come from the data that is taken from draws that took place in Canada, Germany, Spain, Poland, Greece, the UK, and South Africa.

The lotto numbers appeared in most of the lotto draws that took place, and that is why they made it on the list of the luckiest lottery numbers.

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What are The Powerball Luckiest Numbers?

In the USA, Powerball is the most popular lottery game taking place nationally. Some of the numbers are considered lucky precisely for this lottery game. Similar to the numbers mentioned above, the lucky numbers were picked from numerous draws that happened over a period of time. So, these numbers have appeared often on the Powerball draw. The luckiest numbers are 3, 21, 23, 27, 32, 53, 62, 64, and 64.

There are 69 numbered lottery balls that the winning numbers are selected for Powerball. From these Powerball numbers, only five must be picked. The bonus ball is selected from the ball numbered 1 to 26.

Play Mega Millions Numbers

Mega Millions is also another type of lottery game that is popular in the United States. This lottery game has numbers considered lucky because they are picked often. The numbers are 9, 10, 11, 19, and 22 and they were common over numerous draws. Other numbers are also mutual in the draws are 4, 14, and 20.

How to Select Lucky Numbers

You can look for sites that track drawn lottery numbers. They provide data on how many times the lotto numbers have been picked out and how long since they have been picked. This can then help decide on which numbers to play. You can also take the numbers listed here as an indication of which numbers to consider.

If you can keep track of the numbers, you will have a better idea of which number has a better chance of being picked up. However, keep in mind that all lottery games are based on pure luck. There is no guarantee that if you pick these numbers, you will automatically win.

Find Numbers to Wager On

There are numerous ways that you can find Powerball numbers that you can take a chance with.

Pick numbers that are known to be lucky – Seven is one of the numbers known as the lucky number.

In some countries, some numbers are considered to be lucky, so you can also use those. Eight is also considered to be lucky in Japan and China and four in Germany.

Significant numbers – you choose game numbers that have a meaning to you personally because you consider them lucky.

Use number generators – even though this does not really mean the numbers are lucky, you can use number generators. They choose random numbers that you can use.

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