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Live Dealer Diamond VIP Blackjack

Diamond-VIP-BlackjackIf you are a high roller looking for a card game to win big, you can play Diamond VIP blackjack. Some players have deep pockets and are ready to play for high stakes, this game caters to players of that caliber. If you fit the description, play live dealer Diamond VIP blackjack against other big whales for big wins.

Discover what it takes to become part of the exclusive group of players that get to play for a high stake. The exclusive VIP list of players features gamblers with a large bankroll. There are perks to playing in a luxurious casino atmosphere at a brick-and-mortar gambling establishment. This atmosphere is recreated in a private room, play against a live dealer for big wins.

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How To Play Live Diamond VIP Blackjack

Much like a game of blackjack, you know that any variant of the card game has the same objective of getting 21. Live Dealer Diamond VIP Blackjack is developed by Evolution Gaming to offer a space for big whales to play the table game. Here’s a breakdown of how to play the Diamond VIP blackjack game online:

  • Bet for High Stakes: before the game commences, you have to place a bet. The game uses eight decks of cards and you have to set a bet before the cards are dealt.
  • Set up a Strong hand: once the bet is set, the dealer will share your two faces down cards and the dealer will have one face-up card and one hole card.
  • Split, Hit, Double Down or Stand: once you see your cards, a decision has to be made whether your hand will win on the next card drawn or you will go bust.
  • Dealer’s Decision: the dealer will also have a decision to make based on the hand they have. You can expect certain decisions to be taken even before the cards are revealed.
    • If the total hand is 16 or lower, the
    • the dealer will hit.
    • If the hand is a soft 17, the dealer will stand.
  • Win or Lose: the revelation of the cards will show whether you won the round or you went bust.

Evolution Blackjack Rules

The main difference in the rules of the game is the betting limit. The Live Dealer Diamond VIP Blackjack gameplay and rules remain the same. Everything including the table layout and the game procession in the shoe is also similar to the standard blackjack game online.

The max number of participants that can take part in the game is seven seated players. When you play online, the same procession of the game is observed. The game features exclusive VIP players that have a betting stake limit that is too much for regular players.

The game is played using a standard 52 card deck on an eight-deck shoe. Since you’re playing against a live dealer, you actually get to see the dealer shuffle the cards and not the random number generator. While social interaction is not the same as on the casino floor, you can still talk to the dealer.

Based on the level of VIP membership you have; the table limit will differ. Red and Silver tier members have a table limit of $50 minimum bet. For Platinum members, the minimum bet starts at $200.

Diamond VIP Blackjack casino game online

Basic Strategy Chart

With everything you have learned, you can now use a basic blackjack strategy to improve your chances of winning. Seeing how much money is going to be used as your bankroll, it is advisable to memorize what pro gamblers do when they get a certain hand. Go through a basic strategy chart to familiarize yourself with moves that will make you win.

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