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Beginner’s Guide to Visiting Las Vegas

Las Vegas is best known as the gambling and entertainment hub of the United States. Most of the country’s best casinos can be found here, many of which are offering a wide range of different gambling options. For beginners, it can be overwhelming you’ve never been to Vegas. Here is a beginner’s guide to the city’s leading casinos, and entertainment options.

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Where to Stay and What Does It Cost?

One of the first things that new players look for when planning a trip to Las Vegas is where to stay. Some of the expensive and impressive hotels in the world are found here. The first thing that you may want to decide is whether to stay on the Vegas Strip or in the Old Las Vegas.

On the Strip

The Las Vegas Strip is the most inspiring part of Vegas. Most new beginners and tourists choose to stay here, as it’s home to the leading hotels and casinos. If you want to experience the full energy of the city, this is the place to be.

Off the Strip

There’s still a huge number of players who prefer to stay off the Las Vegas Strip. Some of the great hotels operate outside of it, most of which are less exclusive than the hotels located on the Vegas Strip.

Budgeting for Las Vegas Trip

It’s easy to blow your money in Las Vegas. It seems as though everything in the city is designed to take your money. But that doesn’t mean you cannot visit on a budget! There are great ways to check this city out without breaking the bank.

Find a Hotel That Fits Your Budget

For most, the hotel is the expensive part of a trip to Las Vegas. As we have mentioned above, there are different hotels in this city that are located on the Strip, off the Strip, and also downtown. Make sure that you stay in a hotel that you can afford.

Anticipate Any Gambling Losses

It’s everyone’s ultimate goal to visit Las Vegas and win big playing in the casinos. Most of the time, this doesn’t happen. Casinos are cash-grabbing machines and are made to keep players playing as long as possible. If you plan on gaming, make sure you stick to your planned budget and anticipate that whatever you bet may end up in the hands of the casino.

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