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Why High Roller Casino Tables Exist?

Most brick and mortar casinos offer high roller tables, or separate rooms, for VIPs. These tables allow high-stakes players to place bets among other leading companies.

High roller tables mostly feature $50 or $100 minimum stakes. In more-lavish casinos, players may even need to bet more than $100 per round to take a seat.

Of course, you don’t need to sit at a VIP table to risk huge stakes. Instead, you may bet lots of cash at any regular gambling table.

Most regular casino games permit you risk up to $500 per hand/round. Considering this, you might also wonder what is the point behind high roller tables.

High Roller

The Average High Roller Knows the Games Better

Most casino players who play table games understand the gaming rules and etiquette behind whatever game they’re playing. Those who don’t known usually stay away to avoid looking unwise.

After all, who would want to sit at a blackjack table and touch the cards when the dealer advises them not to, or ask what splitting a hand means?

Surprisingly, many gamblers take a seat even when they have no understanding of what’s going on. They’re usually aggravated by friends or their significant other into gaming.

Everybody deserves an opportunity to enjoy table games. Rather, they’ll learn the ropes before they start to play.

Here’s common scenario that happens in casinos:

  • A roulette game player walks up to the gaming table with their significant other.
  • They understand the rules and have no trouble with playing.
  • However, their significant other is new to the matter.
  • The newbie mostly bumps into other players when trying to put their chips on the table.
  • Out of unawareness, they also try to place chips on the table after the game dealer yells “No more bets.”
  • The experienced game player does their best to help their confused partner, but the couple keeps disrupting the game.
  • Most players are understanding in these circumstances. However, those who only want to concentrate on playing the casino game without disruptions aren’t understanding that much.

The average high roller player appreciates the opportunity to gamble with other experienced gamblers. VIP tables only include others who are well-versed in the casino games.

Play Away from the Average Joes

Wealthy players always enjoyed separating themselves from the pack in many different ways. They purchase Ferraris, mansions, designer watches and more to show their top status.

The same crowd also enjoys gambling away from the commoners. They appreciate their own special tables and, particularly, separate gambling rooms.


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