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What are the Tricks of playing Keno?

There are no guaranteed keno tricks to frequently help you win the game. However, while keno is an easy and straightforward game to learn, there are ways that you need to know prior to placing your bet. This help boostsyour chances when playing online keno for real money. Keno is a very simple casino game that is chance based, resulting in the need for more luck than skill if you want to win. Most gamblers in the US don’t like okaying keno because it is completely based on luck.


Here are some online keno tips and tricks to help you improve your chances at winning and start betting like a keno expert.

1.     Choose Keno Casinos with Best Payouts

This may seem obvious. However, this important especially for keno beginners. Also. Some online gamblers have their favorite online casinos that they refuse to play at other games at other casinos. Casinos that have the best payouts for the type of game you wish to play, is ideal. Also check the type of keno games the casino is offering.

2.     Play Keno for Free

Online keno is a straightforward game where you have to choose the right numbers. Playing keno for free helps you better understand the game, allowing you to make smarter choices when playing for real money.

3.     Know the Odds

There are 3 basic variants of keno:

  • Live drawings
  • Video Keno
  • Scratch Cards

Keno winning odds differ from game to game. Video keno machines are programmed differently. Due to a lot gaming companies distributing keno, they don’t all use the same pay tables and random number algorithms. Study each games odds or probabilities chart to get the best wagering conditions.

4.     Choose Between Four – Eight Numbers

One trick that most players say works for them is to choose numbers between four and eight. If you are playing a keno game that offers numbers between 15 to 2, its better to choose fewer numbers. Other keno strategy guides recommend players choose more numbers to improve the chance of hitting.

5.     Choose Cold or Consecutive Numbers

The other keno trick is to choose cold or consecutive numbers. In video keno, numbers are chosen by a random number generator, resulting in the numbers being random. However, some online players have researched that consecutive numbers are helpful. Cold numbers may also be chosen. Cold numbers are numbers that have not been picked. These tricks may be tested on a free online keno game.

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