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Why You Can Beat Online Blackjack

Rachel Elam | September 3, 2020 | Updated on: September 21st, 2022

Most casino players by now know that blackjack game is one of the sole opportunities that you have to get a mathematical edge over the casino. So, here we explain why you can beat blackjack – even though most online games are unbeatable.

beating blackjack game

All Casino Games Have a House Edge

Casinos remain in business because they offer casino games to the gambling public where they have a mathematical advantage. Every casino game has its advantage, and, in the parlance of our times, this advantage is called “the house edge.”

How does the house edge work?

It’s only the difference between the odds of winning and also the payout odds for the bet.

The simplest example to understand is in roulette.

If you place a single-number wager in roulette, your odds of winning are 37 to 1. You have 37 different ways to lose that stake and only one way to win that wager.

Guess what happens when you play blackjack?

In most blackjack games, the casino doesn’t shuffle the decks after each hand. Any cards that were dealt are then eliminated from the deck, which changes the probability of getting some certain outcomes.

That’s a big part of why blackjack is a very beatable game.

Taking Advantage of a Game that Has a Memory

The house advantage in blackjack game is notoriously low to begin with if you know how to play. And playing properly is as easy as having to memorize a basic strategy table.

  • The house edge for a blackjack when played with basic strategy is only 0.5% or so.
  • That’s different from the 5.26% advantage that the casino site has when playing roulette.
  • And you saw how simple it was to turn the casino’s advantage to a player’s advantage in a game of roulette game, by only removing some numbers from the wheel after they hit.

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