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UK Credit Card Gambling Ban Might Be Declared This Week

UK-facing gambling and betting operators are bracing for a restriction on credit card bookmaking amongst increasing pressure on the industry. It has been said that the reason for this might be because it not doing enough to challenge problem gambling. The imminent crackdown could involve either a comprehensive ban on credit card betting or limitations like payment limits in a proposal to prevent betting customers from outlay excessive amounts of money on wagering. The new law will be introduced in a report that will be conducted by the UK Gambling Commission. The rule can be expected to be published this week.


Britain’s gaming watchdog was in preparation to curb credit card betting first came in the summer of 2019. The Gambling Commission hurled a twelve-week discussion period in August. They invited the public and industry stakeholders to voice their judgment on whether the use of credit cards for betting purposes should be forbidden or limited.

The gambling regulator said at the beginning of the discussion period that after its end in early November, it will “take the appropriate course of action in the opinion of any evidence that is obtained by consultation, together with data that is already submitted.”

The UK Credit Card Gambling Ban

UK-licensed sports betting Customers and casino gaming sites and also retail gambling shops are allowed to make deposits with the use of credit cards. Specialists cited the use of credit cards as one of the biggest factors that drive to the rise of problem gambling.

Will Credit Card Gambling Burn Help?

According to sources, the UK Gambling Commission is ready to recommend a blanket prohibition on the use of credit cards for betting and place heavy limits.

Credit card gambling was mentioned concerning the planned refurbishment of the UK’s Gambling Act, which was drawn up and presented under Tony Blair in the mid-2000s. The use of credit cards for betting purposes was one of the key issues that were raised by some MPs, including the Labour Deputy Leader Tom Watson. The News about the undecided credit card betting shake-up has been welcomed by many, nonetheless, others have warned that any heavy limitations would push problem gamblers to unlicensed operatives

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