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The Dangers of Imitating Other Casino Players

People tend to imitate what they see. When they see other players mindlessly playing slot games, this is what they’re likely to do as well.

The tricky part with this is that if you’re doing what other gamblers are doing, you’re probably also losing money.

The Dangers of Imitating Other players

Mindless Casino Slots Gambling

Walk into any casino site that offers slot games globally and look at how many bettors are at the slot machines compared to players playing all of the other casino games. You will see that more casino players are playing slots than all of the other gambling games combined.

Here’s the issue with this. Slots are the biggest money-makers for sites by far, and they tend to have a much lower return to player percentage than almost every other casino game in the casino. So, why do players play slot machines?

Slots games are very easy to play, they don’t need much in the way of brainpower, and everyone seems to be playing them.

Craps Pass Line Wagers

Craps online players tend to do what other craps gamblers do. And most craps bettors bet on the pass line. This strengthens the belief that the pass line bet is the best.

Poor Blackjack Gaming Decisions

The best way to play the blackjack game is to use a strategy card so you can always know what the best play is on each hand.

This isn’t how many blackjack players make their decisions. Instead, they make gambling decisions based on superstitions, or what took place on previous hands or based on their gut feeling.

Instead of watching what other blackjack game players are doing, learn what the best way to play is, and then stick with this every time you’re at a blackjack gambling table.

American Roulette Suckers

Roulette wheels used to have 37 spaces. These wheels produce healthy profits for the casinos. However, one day, a casino owner or executive decided that adding additional space would make the roulette game even more profitable. And they were indeed right.

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