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The Best Reasons to Give Baccarat a Try

If you’re like most casino enthusiasts, even though you’ve heard of the card game called baccarat, you’ve never tried it for yourself. Baccarat has a reputation among the recreational gaming community. Most casinos in Las Vegas relegate their baccarat tables to private “high-limit” sections.

There, a smoky haze shrouds serious player who spent the night placing big-time bets, bending the cards, and also tearing them up in disgust. This unusual scene can be off-putting for most casual players, but we are here to tell you about the reasons why you should give baccarat a try.

It Takes a Minute to Learn Baccarat Game

Before we dive into the merits of playing baccarat, let’s run a quick crash course on the game’s basic rules and gaming options.

Depending on the version, baccarat is played using a six- or an eight-deck shoe à la blackjack. As for the game cards in that shoe, here’s how baccarat card values break down:

  • 10s, Jacks, Queens, and Kings = 0 points
  • Aces = 1 point
  • 2s = 2 points
  • 3s = 3 points
  • 4s = 4 points
  • 5s = 5 points
  • 6s = 6 points
  • 7s = 7 points
  • 8s = 8 points
  • 9s = 9 points

Baccarat Isn’t Played in an Intimidating Atmosphere Anymore

When you walk through any big land-based casino, you’ll come across a private room protected by a velvet rope. Inside, players dressed to the nines crowd around a big table in a scene reminiscent of craps – but this is not a humble dice game, it’s Big Table Baccarat.

Modern Casinos Have Added More Options

If the idea of gambling hundreds of dollars per hand surrounded by a group of snobby high-rollers doesn’t do it for you, we get it.

And that’s why casino sites adapted by rolling out an even more casual, low-stakes option called “Mini Baccarat.” Also known as “Midi Baccarat,” this card game takes place in the normal table game pit and uses basic bets like $5 or $10.

Instead of gamblers alternating as the bank and handling the shoe, a dealer takes care of all that.

The result is an approachable type of baccarat that invites recreational game players on a budget to join the fun.

You’ll End up Winning Roughly Half the Time

Another reason we encourage new players to check out baccarat is the game’s binary nature. Leaving aside the Tie bet, you have two options to choose from – Player or Banker.

With the Banker stake winning at a 45.9 percent clip, followed by the Player wager at 44.6 percent, you’ll enjoy a winner on each hand on average.

The Tie Bet Is a Good Way to Pad Your Bankroll

Speaking of the Tie bet, this high-risk / high-reward gamble really pays off handsomely at 8-to-1.

When you hit a natural blackjack, your $10 wager brings back $15 in profit at 3-to-2 odds or $12.50 at the lower 6-to-5 rate.

But that same $10 bet transforms into $80 in profit when the longshot Tie cashes in.

The Low Casino House Edge on Banker and Player Bets

Unless you’re an elementary strategy master, the casino house edge on blackjack comes to 1.5 percent. Hop on the roulette table and you will be up against a 2.70 percent or 5.26 percent.

It’s the Game Where You’re Allowed to Bend Cards

This one’s reserved for Big Table Baccarat, though one of the more enjoyable traditions in casino gambling is bending that third and final card to reveal your hand’s fate.

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