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Vermont Casinos

Rachel Elam | September 25, 2020 | Updated on: September 25th, 2020

Vermont Casinos to gambleVermont casinos and gambling is close to non-existent. There are no casinos in the state of Vermont. Charities are allowed to hold bingo games, raffles, and occasional casino nights. There is a state lottery that sells lotto tickets, scratch-off tickets. Horse racing is permitted, though, there are no tracks that are in operation. Some off-track gambling operations exist in taverns. Without any of the Vermont casinos to visit, gamblers can go gamble in New Hampshire and Upstate New York.

Vermont does permit poker to be played, though, only from home. These casino games must follow the Vermont gaming laws on house poker, which includes taking place in a private home and there are no fees or rake for playing.

Vermont Casinos & Gambling

  • Year Gambling was Regulated: Lottery (1977), Horse Racing (1963),
  • Estimated Tax Revenue from Gambling: $23 million
  • Estimated Gambling Revenue: $104 million
  • Vermont Gambling Age: 18 years
  • Vermont Online gambling: Horse racing

Types of Online Gambling in Vermont

Off-track gambling on horses is legal in Vermont. Online gambling sites with poker and sports gaming that accept Vermont gamblers are not legal. This includes websites that operate daily fantasy sports contests.

The websites assert that they are skill gambling and refuse to leave the state even though the advocate general told them otherwise.

Popular Casino Games

  • Casino Games: No
  • Lottery: Yes
  • Horses: No
  • Home Poker: Yes

Live Gambling

There are three types of live gambling in Vermont. The state lottery sells lotto drawings and scratch-off tickets. This includes regional drawings such as Powerball, Mega Millions, and Megabucks. There are local lottos such as Gimme 5, Pick 3, Pick 4, and Lucky for Life. Some retailers have virtual instant play machines known as the Touch Play. Charities are allowed to hold bingo online games and raffles. Casino nights are also allowed on a limited basis.

Horse racing is legal and there are no live tracks these days. Off-track betting parlors are permitted at bars. These may also accept phone betting with advance deposits.

Also, they have home poker games that are allowed. These are social poker games that are to be played only with socially verifiable “friends”. Although these social poker games are not technically legal, they are tolerated up to a certain point. As long as residents follow the laws in place, they can play poker within their homes.

Vermont Casinos and slot machines

Vermont Gambling Laws

All gaming expansion must be approved through a legitimate amendment. All betting has a minimum age of 18 years. Live horse racing is lawful but with no tracks operating. Off-track gambling is allowed at licensed websites.

The state lottery can offer casino games of chance. These are limited to lotto games and scratch-off tickets. The Vermont Lottery is allowed to join interstate drawings. It can also sell online instant tickets at kiosks. Tickets can’t be sold over the Internet.

Employees might not be paid over $2,000 exclusively and $15,000 cumulatively every year. Three casino nights are allowed each year.

Games involving any element of chance are unlawful in Vermont. This includes daily fantasy sports websites, according to the US state attorney general.

Where to Gamble in Vermont

The only places to play in Vermont are off-track betting shops, lottery retailers, and also charities. There are numerous casinos near Vermont and these casino gamblers should go to New York, New Hampshire, or Maine.

Vermont Gambling History

Horse racing dates back to the year 1700s, though it was not regulated until in 1963. At the time, greyhound and horse racing were legal. Greyhound racing was then repealed in 1992. All of the gambling moved to local shops, and online.

Voters approved the state lottery in November 1976. The enterprise was then created in October 1977. Green Mountain Game was also the first Vermont Lottery game. The first ticket was then sold on February 1978.

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