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Montana Casinos and Gambling Law

montana casinosMontana has an exclusive array of legalized gambling. There are hundreds of places to place your bets in Montana, however, these are only labelled as casinos. These Montana casinos are essentially barring with poker table and video lottery machines; some have an off-track gambling facility. Table games are unlawful in the state; however, it is not from a lack of trying. The state lottery offers customers typical gambling games, including lotto drawings and scratch-offs. It goes further than any other state excluding Delaware. Montana offers types of sports gambling through its state lottery. NFL daily fantasy sports and NASCAR contests are available.

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Montana Casinos & Gambling Data

  • Year gambling was regulated in Montana: Bingo (1973), Sports Pools (1973), Poker (1973), Video Keno (1976), Lottery (1986), Video Lottery (1985), Tribal Casinos (1994), and Lottery Fantasy Pools (2008)
  • Estimated Tax Revenue: $41 million
  • Estimated Gambling Revenue: $130 million
  • Montana Gambling Age: 18 and 21

Online Gambling in Types of Montana

The only type of legal web gambling in Montana is off-track gambling on horses. TwinSpires and TVG are the two biggest sites accepting this form of action from the Montanans. Montana state law prohibits all other types of internet gambling. No daily fantasy sports sites are accepted in Montana. There are casino, casino and sports betting sites accepting bettors from Montana. These are all unlicensed and also illegal.

Casino games in Montana

  • Slots
  • Blackjack
  • Poker
  • Craps/Roulette
  • Horses
  • Lottery

Live Gambling in Montana

horse racing tracks. They also offer off-track gambling, where bars can also operate racebooks. Poker is acceptable in bars. It is the only state that permits live poker rooms outside of a land-based casino setup. About two dozen taverns do have a poker table or two, that is ready for when the locals come to gamble on some Texas Hold’em. Bars can spread the video lottery machines. These can have keno or video poker. There are hundreds of venues that go by Montana casinos, as they offer gaming games that you can find in casinos in other states.

The Montana Lottery vends three types of tickets. There are also scratch-off tickets. Lotto tickets are sold as well. There is a game offered, unlike any state lottery. The Montana Lottery runs two types of daily fantasy sports. Daily fantasy sports websites that run throughout the country set a prize pool which is not based on the number of participants. Daily fantasy contests are pari-mutuel, meaning that the prize pool reflects the amount of money gambled on it. There is an uncommon variety of live Montana betting offered. There are live.


Montana Gambling Laws

Montana gambling laws permit licensed taverns to run poker tables. Texas Hold’em, Omaha High/Low, Omaha, Seven Card Stud, and Seven Card Stud High/Low and draw gambling games are the only accepted games. The biggest pot permitted in Montana is $800. All gamblers are all-in once the pot reaches this size. Wagers are then backed out of the pot to put it in the correct proportion. By offering the games, Montana casinos can use the term to describe what they are. You will find more than 200 Montana casino locations all over the state.

Montana has a state-wide video lottery. These games offer poker and keno. The maximum wager is $2. The maximum win per hand is $800. Montana is excused from the federal Professional and the Amateur Sports Protection Act. This law avoids the spread of sports gambling. Montana was left out because of its sports pool laws. This includes gambling squares on sporting events. Pig, gerbil and the hamster races can also be wagered on through pools as long as the event is in a small town or even outside city limits.

The Montana Lottery benefits from the sports betting pool laws. It spreads daily fantasy sports competitions where the players’ cash is entered into a pari-mutuel pool. It is one of its kind in the country. Live horse racing and off-track gambling are legal in Montana.


Montana Gambling History

The creative Montana Constitution forbidden all gambling when it was written in 1889. Table games were temporarily legalized in 1937. Slot machines then appeared in bars during this era. The Montana Supreme Court then ruled these devices to be unlawful in 1950. A constitutional referendum was shaped to reverse this verdict. In 1972, electorates handed over their right to accept gambling to the state legislature. Policymakers passed a bill that indorsed bingo, keno and live poker the following year. Online keno was added in 1976 over a Montana Supreme Court ruling.

Video poker machines began to appear in the state around 1980. Operators also claimed that the devices fell under keno ruling. The legislature superseded this decision in the following year. Video poker machines didn’t have tax when it first rolled out. There was a yearly licensing fee. The state began taxing the machines at a rate of 15 percent in 1987. A state lottery was launched in 1986. Gaming compacts with tribes started in 1994.

The early 2000s saw efforts to create Montana casinos which offered table games. The latter attempt failed in 2003, keeping all Montana casinos to video poker and lottery. In 2005, the state legislature banned all types of web gambling.

List of Montana Casinos

49er Diner and Casino – Livingston18 Slot Machines404 East Park StreetNo Website
All Aboard Casino – Billings20 Slot Machines909 South 32nd Street WestNo Website
Apsaalooke Nights Casino – Crow Agency206 Slot Machines71 Heritage
B&S Laundry – Brockton6 Slot Machines711 Seventh StreetNo Website
Bair’s Casino – Hardin19 Slot Machines315 13th Street WestNo Website
Best Bet Casino – Helena20 Slot Machines1225 Euclid AvenueNo Website
Best Bet Casino – Kalispell20 Slot Machines1619 US Highway 93 SouthNo Website
Best Western KwaTaqNuk Casino – Polson232 Slot Machines49708 US Highway 93
Big B Bingo & Casino – Billings20 Slot Machines1307 12th Street WestNo Website
Billings Hotel and Convention Center14 Slot Machines1223 Mullowney
BJs Casino – Cut Bank18 Slot Machines1105 East Main StreetNo Website
Buff’s Bar & Casino – Forsyth12 Slot Machines845 Main StreetNo Website
Bugz’s Casino – Billings20 Slot Machines1341 Main
Casey’s Casino – Whitefish10 Slot Machines101 Central
Casino Royale – Billings20 Slot Machines2455 Central AvenueNo Website
Cat’s Paw Cardroom – Bozeman19 Slot Machines721 North Seventh AvenueNo Website
Cattlemen’s Casino – Kalispell20 Slot Machines1400 Airport RoadNo Website
Cellar Casino and Restaurant – Miles City20 Slot Machines719 Main StreetNo Website
Chances R Restaurant and Casino – Butte20 Slot Machines3703 Harrison AvenueNo Website
Charging Horse Casino & Bingo – Lame Deer130 Slot Machines1/2 Mile East Lame Deer Highway 212No Website
Crown Lounge – Great Falls14 Slot Machines1820 10th Avenue
Doc & Eddy’s West Casino – Billings20 Slot Machines927 South 32nd Street West
E-Z Mart Casino – Harlem19 Slot Machines2 Main Street, Highway
Flipper’s Casino – Missoula17 Slot Machines125 South Third Street
Fort Belknap Casino – Harlem146 Slot Machines104 Assiniboine
Git-N-Go – Wolf Point40 Slot Machines132 US Highway 2 EastNo Website
Glacier Little Peaks Casino – Browning24 Slot MachinesJunction of Highway 2 and 89
Glacier Peaks Casino – Browning300 Slot MachinesHighway 2 and Highway
Gold Dust Casino – Billings20 Slot Machines1310 15th Street WestNo Website
Golden Spur – Miles City20 Slot Machines1014 South Haynes AvenueNo Website
Grand Tree Inn – Bozeman20 Slot Machines1325 North Seventh
Gray Wolf Peak Casino – Evaro118 Slot Machines20819 US Highway 93
Gusick’s Restaurant – Billings15 Slot Machines760 South 20th Street WestNo Website
Hub Bar Casino – Belgrade7 Slot Machines23 East Main StreetNo Website
Hudson’s Lounge and Casino – Billings20 Slot Machines2658 Grand AvenueNo Website
Jackpot Casino – Bozeman20 Slot Machines1801 West Main StreetNo Website
Korner Club – Bozeman17 Slot Machines8191 Huffine
Lady Lil’s – Missoula20 Slot Machines2210 North Reserve
Lady Lil’s – Shelby20 Slot Machines1350 West Roosevelt
Locomotive Inn Casino – Laurel20 Slot Machines216 First Avenue
Lucky Grand Casino – Billings20 Slot Machines1411 13th Street WestNo Website
Lucky Lil’s – Anaconda20 Slot Machines6940 MT Highway
Lucky Lil’s – Belgrade20 Slot Machines206B West Jefferson
Lucky Lil’s – Big Timber20 Slot Machines20 Big Timber Loop
Lucky Lil’s – Billings20 Slot Machines300 South 24th Street
Lucky Lil’s – Bonner20 Slot Machines7995 East Highway
Lucky Lil’s – Boulder19 Slot Machines701 North Main
Lucky Lil’s – Butte20 Slot Machines531 South Montana
Lucky Lil’s – Chinook20 Slot Machines115 Pennsylvania
Lucky Lil’s – Colstrip20 Slot Machines110 Willow
Lucky Lil’s – Columbia Falls20 Slot Machines507 Ninth
Lucky Lil’s – Columbus20 Slot Machines602 Eighth Avenue
Lucky Lil’s – Conrad20 Slot Machines215 North Main
Lucky Lil’s – Cut Bank20 Slot Machines512 West Main
Lucky Lil’s – Deer Lodge20 Slot Machines203 North Main
Lucky Lil’s – Dillon20 Slot Machines635 North Montana
Lucky Lil’s – East Helena20 Slot Machines418 East Main
Lucky Lil’s – Eureka20 Slot Machines40 First Street
Lucky Lil’s – Forsyth20 Slot Machines240 South Tenth
Lucky Lil’s – Great Falls20 Slot Machines501 Northwest
Lucky Lil’s – Hamilton20 Slot Machines1105 North First
Lucky Lil’s – Hardin20 Slot Machines1012 North
Lucky Lil’s – Havre20 Slot Machines420 First Street
Lucky Lil’s – Helena20 Slot Machines418 East Main
Lucky Lil’s – Highway 220 Slot Machines1104 Highway 2
Lucky Lil’s – Kalispell20 Slot Machines439 West
Lucky Lil’s – Laurel20 Slot Machines312 South First
Lucky Lil’s – Lewistown20 Slot Machines622 Northeast Main
Lucky Lil’s – Libby20 Slot Machines200 East Ninth
Lucky Lil’s – Livingston20 Slot Machines2128 Park Street
Lucky Lil’s – Lolo20 Slot Machines10953 Highway 93
Lucky Lil’s – Miles City20 Slot Machines1208 South Haynes
Lucky Lil’s – Missoula20 Slot Machines3109 Brooks
Lucky Lil’s – Plains20 Slot Machines335 East Railroad
Lucky Lil’s – Rimrock Mall20 Slot Machines300 South 24th Street
Lucky Lil’s – Rocker20 Slot Machines1004 Grizzly
Lucky Lil’s – Shelby20 Slot Machines455 McKinley
Lucky Lil’s – Sidney20 Slot Machines1157 South Central
Lucky Lil’s – Stevensville20 Slot Machines104 Kootenai Creek
Lucky Lil’s – Superior20 Slot Machines29 Diamond
Lucky Lil’s – Thompson Falls20 Slot Machines108 South Gallatin
Lucky Lil’s – Three Forks20 Slot Machines10800 Highway
Lucky Lil’s – Townsend20 Slot Machines204 North Front
Lucky Lil’s – White Sulphur20 Slot Machines311 East Main
Lucky Lil’s – Whitefish20 Slot Machines6598 Highway 93
Lucky Lil’s – Whitehall20 Slot Machines415 North Whitehall
Lucky Lil’s – Wolf Point20 Slot Machines408 Blaine
Lucky Logger – Kalispell20 Slot Machines1028 Highway 2
Lucky Logger – Milltown20 Slot Machines7965 Highway
Magic Diamond – Bozeman20 Slot Machines1615 West Main
Magic Diamond – Butte20 Slot Machines2001 Dewey
Magic Diamond – Columbia Falls20 Slot Machines6106 Highway 2
Magic Diamond – Dillon20 Slot Machines101 East Helena
Magic Diamond – East Helena20 Slot Machines114 Lane
Magic Diamond – Great Falls20 Slot Machines415 Tenth Avenue
Magic Diamond – Hamilton20 Slot Machines932 South First
Magic Diamond – Havre20 Slot Machines108 West First
Magic Diamond – Helena20 Slot Machines1138 Euclid
Magic Diamond – Kalispell20 Slot Machines2605 Highway 2
Magic Diamond – Kalispell Center Mall20 Slot Machines20 North Main
Magic Diamond – Lewiston20 Slot Machines424 West Main
Magic Diamond – Livingston20 Slot Machines714 East Park
Magic Diamond – Lolo20 Slot Machines11880 Highway 93
Magic Diamond – Miles City20 Slot Machines905 South Haynes
Magic Diamond – Rocker20 Slot Machines1050 Grizzly
Magic Diamond IV – Great Falls20 Slot Machines702 10th Avenue
Mardi Gras West Casino – Billings20 Slot Machines4100 King Avenue
Montana Club – Kalispell18 Slot Machines1301 Main
Montana Lil’s – Anaconda20 Slot Machines207 Main
Montana Lil’s – Billings20 Slot Machines2350 Main
Montana Nugget Casino – Billings20 Slot Machines2150 Grand AvenueNo Website
New Hops Pub & Casino – Butte12 Slot Machines2900 Harrison AvenueNo Website
Northern Winz Casino – Box Elder207 Slot Machines11031 US Highway
Northern Winz Casino – Rocky Boy72 Slot MachinesRocky Boy
Paradise Falls – Missoula20 Slot Machines3621 Brooks
Players Club Casino – Kalispell20 Slot Machines2109 Highway 2 EastNo Website
Plaza Royale Casino – Butte19 Slot Machines2930 Harrison AvenueNo Website
Press Box – Missoula20 Slot Machines835 East Broadway
Remington Casino – Whitefish20 Slot Machines130 Central AvenueNo Website
Rowdy’s Cabin Casino Bar – Missoula12 Slot Machines4880 North Reserve StreetNo Website
Sam’s Place – Billings20 Slot Machines717 16th Street WestNo Website
Scoop Bar – Bozeman6 Slot Machines712 West Main
Shooters Sports Bar, Casino & Grille – Billings20 Slot Machines1600 Avenue
Silver Star Casino – Miles City20 Slot Machines801 Main StreetNo Website
Silver Wolf Casino – Wolf Point108 Slot Machines300 Highway 25
Silvertip Casino – Missoula20 Slot Machines680 SW Higgins
Sunken Treasure – Butte20 Slot Machines2902 Harrison AvenueNo Website
Tahitian Nites Casino – Billings20 Slot Machines1517 Broadwater AvenueNo Website
The Hideout Casino – Livingston20 Slot Machines104 Centennial DriveNo Website
The Oxford – Missoula20 Slot Machines337 North Higgins
The Rialto Bar – Helena20 Slot Machines52 Last Chance
TJ’s Quikstop – Poplar20 Slot Machines300 Front Street WestNo Website
Tribal Express Casino – Poplar30 Slot MachinesHighway 2 EastNo Website
Windiggers Casino – Kalispell20 Slot Machines2610 Highway 2No Website
Yellowstone Truck Stop – Livingston20 Slot Machines1226 US Highway 10 WestNo Website
Your Lucky Charm Casino – Butte20 Slot Machines2325 Harrison AvenueNo Website

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