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Georgia Casinos & Gambling in Georgia

Gambling in GeorgiaGeorgia is the last state to legalize any kind of gambling outside of its charities. This took place in 1992 when voters in Georgia approved a constitutional alteration that created the Georgia Lottery.

The only form of Georgia gambling that was permitted before that was non-profits offering games such as bingo and raffles. The Georgia Lottery changed to one of the gambling businesses in the state almost overnight. It later extended into web sales of tickets, with instant games included.

Despite no casinos in Georgia, there are options that players can use. Georgia casino players can go to the two Cherokee casinos in the North Carolina Appalachian Mountains or even drive to Florida or Mississippi. Another option is to take a cruise from an Atlantic Ocean port, where casino gambling games can be played once the ship has hit international waters.

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Georgia Casinos & Gambling

  • Year Gambling was Regulated: Lottery (1992), Bingo (1976), Video Lottery (2013)
  • Tax Revenue from Gambling: $918 million
  • Gambling Revenue: $1 Billion
  • Georgia Gambling Age: no minimum age for video lottery and 18 for lottery and bingo
  • Georgia Online gambling: instant games.

Online Georgia Gambling

The only type of legal Georgia web gambling is the lottery. The site sells tickets to lotto drawings which include: Mega Millions, Fantasy 5, and Powerball.

Also, it sells tickets for keno drawings held every three and a half minutes. There are instant games as well that mimic slot machines.

Daily fantasy sports sites also claim an exemption under Georgia’s skill gambling law. The Georgia Lottery hurled an inquiry into this declaration by sending letters to big sites that operate in the state.

Live Gambling in Georgia

There are two types of legal live gambling in Georgia. The eldest is charitable bingo, a low-limit action with small honor pools. The other type of live gambling in Georgia is a video lottery.

This includes slot machines that require a level of skill. Some of the operators use slot machines that do not imitate the skill being an element.

There are no casinos in Georgia but US players can surely find replacements. There are numerous different ways Georgia casino bettors can play the games: Travel to close states, such as Mississippi and Florida, and gamble at their casinos.

Gambling Laws in Georgia

Georgia’s bookmaking laws make gambling illegal. Residents might not possess slots or even video poker machines. Home poker games are also legal, however, only if a rake is not from the pot or any entry fee demanded.

Bingo is only allowed for charities that register with the government. All revenue should be declared. Bingo must not have a prize pool higher than $1,500 in a day or even $3,000 in a week. The Georgia Lotto was launched to fund education.

Taxes that are generated by the lottery are used for the HOPE Scholarship. This coffers college tuition for students that qualify.

The History of Georgia Casinos

Georgia has been a conservative state-run that glowered upon gambling. It took until 1976 for donations to be able to offer raffles and bingo.

State Lottery Created

Georgia residents accepted a constitutional alteration to create a state lottery in 1992. The first scratch-off ticket got sold on June 29, 1993. 52 million lottery tickets were sold in the first week.

The Georgia Lottery began a weekly lotto game in the same year. It also joined the multi-state drawings such as Powerball and Mega Millions. Keno drawings were added as well.

Video Poker Rise and Demise

Video poker made an unwelcome entry into Georgia in 1990. The games grassed through the back door of a decree that was meant to permit improvement games at arcades. Video poker parlors then got opened all over the state and peaked around 2000. This was after South Carolina barred video poker.

Video poker establishments were not allowed to pay cash. Merchandise and Gift cards were the only substances that were legal to reimburse winners. Most video poker rooms got around this by opening equal establishments next to each other in the very same shopping center.

Georgia Online Casino FAQs

Where are Georgia video lottery machines located?

Many gas stations and bars offer players video lottery games.

Can you buy Georgia Lottery tickets over the Internet?

Yes. This includes even lotto drawings, keno and instant games.

Is horseracing legal in Georgia?


Is poker legal in Georgia?

Home gambling games and bar tournaments with no buy-ins are legal. Commercial card rooms are illegal in Georgia.

What is the minimum gambling age in Georgia?

The minimum gambling age in Georgia is 18 for lottery and bingo. There is no minimum gambling age for video lottery.

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