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A Guide on Online Casinos in Alaska

Alaska CasinosAlaska is a state that is rich in mineral deposits. The mining industry in Alaska pays taxes in the state. Policymakers found no reason to legalize gaming and building Alaska casinos to raise capitals because there’s no need to do so. The Alaska state pays residents to live there over a rebate program related to the mining tax. There has been a discussion about increasing gambling in Alaska due to the failure of oil and precious metals prices. However, nothing has yet come of those proposals. There are Indian Alaska casinos offering bingo and video pull tabs to gamblers.

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Alaska Casinos & Gaming

  • Year Alaska Gambling was Regulated: 1960
  • Estimated Tax Revenue: Less than $1 million
  • legal Gambling Age:19

Live Alaska Gambling

Legalized betting in Alaska is limited to charities. Acceptable games are pull-tabs, raffles, and bingo. Skill Games that are excluded from the Alaska gambling statute include rain classics, goose classics, race classics, mercury classics, dog mushers’ contests, deep freeze classics, snow machine classics, salmon classics, canned salmon classics, animal classics, Calcutta pools, crane classics, and king salmon classics. Players who want to use money in the events must do so via the specified organization registered with the Alaska Department of Revenue.

The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act licenses tribes to operate the same types of gambling that are legal in Alaska without creating any conflict. Most tribes offer pull-tabs, bingo or more of similar games and they are not required to set aside any of the winnings for charitable purposes.

Gambling Laws in Alaska

Alaska gambling allows a unique spread of options. It goes beyond the generous tribal raffle, bingo and pull-tab games.

Alaska’s rural and chilly environment creates an unusual setting that cannot be compared to any state. A bettor can make their wagers on unusual events. This can be the annual Cabbage Classic where punters place a guess bet on the heaviest crop that is entered into the contest. Gamblers can also try to guess the total amount of cases of salmon packed in Petersburg during the season.

Wagers are also allowed on what the time, date, and temperature of the coldest day in the Delta Junction in winter months. Bets on dog sled races and fishing races are allowable, amongst other odd items. The state lottery is the noticeable item missing from Alaska gambling laws. There are no legal video poker parlors permitted.

gambling laws in alaska

Where to Gamble in Alaska

taverns, Bars and restaurants all over Alaska offer pull-tabs and bingo nights. Over 100 Tribal Alaska casinos are offering the same games to variable degrees. The approval depends on the scene. Gamblers that want to gamble should catch a flight to Washington state or Las Vegas.

History of Alaska Gambling

Alaska never experienced an income crunch that made it consider gambling as a way of raising tax revenues. This is why there are few lawful ways to wager in the state.

Alaska law slices out many rural rituals. This includes gambling on fishing and agriculture competitions. It even goes so far as to defend friendly sports pools and skill gaming games. Also, it permits charities and natural tribes to play games of pure chance to raise cash. Bingo, Raffles, and pull-tabs are scratch-off lottery tickets, are all allowable when organized via an approved organization.

There have been numerous attempts made to legalize casinos in Alaska. The first planned movement began in 1990 when a state-wide referendum asked electorates their opinion. It only lost by a nearly two-to-one margin.

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