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Sports betting is one of the oldest and most commonly practiced forms of gambling; and is very much alive and well in USA in 2019. Sports betting is a wager made between two or more people on the outcome of any sporting event in the world. Gamblers do not even have to be at a sporting event to wager on its outcome. These days, sports betting is regulated, and wagers on sporting events can be made at many online casinos and land-based betting houses. Read on for more on sports betting in USA in 2019. Play at thde best online casino US.

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Sports Betting Games in USA

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The beauty of sports betting is that the wager can be made on any sport being played in the world. Depending on the online casino or betting house, players can theoretically wager on any sport they like, as long as the casino/betting house is willing to accept the wager.

Sports Betting – Ice Hockey

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One of the most common sports to wager on in USA has always been ice hockey. The NHL, which has 7 American teams competing in it, sees millions of Dollars being wagered on it every year. The most common bet is still on which team will win the NHL and lift the Stanley Cup.


Other bets available to American players include:

  • Division Winner,
  • Conference Winner,
  • Total Goals (for both teams and players),
  • Winning Margin,
  • 1st Period Betting,
  • 1st Period Puck Line, and
  • First Goalscorer.

Sports Betting – Lacrosse

Officially designated as USA’s ‘summer sport’, though not nearly as popular as ice hockey. Lacrosse has been played in USA for more than 500 years and still remains popular today. The one problem players might encounter is finding an online casino that actually accepts a wager on Lacrosse. Many online casinos have cancelled books on Lacrosse, simply due to a lack of interest.

Though, some of the most popular bets on Lacrosse are:

  • Winner of NLL (National Lacrosse League)
  • Over/Under Bet
  • Spread Bet
  • Total Goals per team and player

There are a number of sports that American players can bet on, too many to mention here. Though most online casinos/betting houses will offer similar bets for most sports, with exceptions on special types of games/tournaments for each sport.


Online Betting USA – History of Sports Betting

Gambling as a whole has had quite a tumultuous history in USA. In 1892, the American Criminal Code implemented a ban that made all gambling activities illegal. The ban didn’t last long, and soon betting on horse racing (still one of the most popular forms of gambling today) at racetracks was legalized. Over the years, more and more forms of gambling were decriminalized, legalized, and regulated. Today, gambling and especially sports betting is commonplace in USA. There are currently over 31 000 slot machines and 32 000 lottery ticket centres in use in USA. There are also 70 race tracks, 20 of which are ‘racinos’ (race tracks that also offer slot machines for players to gamble on).

The change in laws came as society’s view on gambling changed. Today, gambling and sports betting are commonly practiced pastimes around USA. Sports betting in USA isn’t just limited to racetracks and betting houses. Bets on sporting events are commonly made between friends looking to prove that their chosen team is the best.

Sports Betting FAQs

Can I bet on any sport that I want?

Yes, although the sports players can bet on depend on what the online casino has on offer. Not all casinos offer the same sports, and betting odds will vary between casinos. So, players should always look at all the different casinos/betting houses available to them and choose the one that best suits their needs.

Am I limited to how much I can bet on each sport?

Every online casino and betting house will set its own minimum and maximum wagering amounts. Players can only bet within these ranges. This will differ from casino to casino, so players first need to check what each casino’s ranges are before they decide to wager.

Is sports betting more expensive than regular betting?

Not at all, though the price of each wager will still depend on how much a player is willing to spend and what each casino’s minimum wagering amounts are.

Why don’t all casinos offer sports betting?

Well, determining the odds for each game is a time-consuming, labour-intensive exercise that not every casino is willing to invest in. Therefore, most online casinos tend to focus exclusively on casino games and leave sports betting to sites that deal exclusively in them.

Can I cancel a sports bet that I made after the game has been played?

No. Wagers are locked in before a game starts, usually, an hour before the game starts. Players, therefore, need to ensure that they are confident in the bet they want to place before it is made.

Can I transfer a bet between casinos?

No. Each casino sets its own odds on each game/tournament. Casinos don’t accept others’ bets, so players aren’t able to transfer any bet they’ve made. If a player wants to change their bet to another casino, they simply have to cancel their original bet (within the allotted time) and remake the bet at their preferred bookmaker. Odds can change at a moment’s notice, so players need to be sure that when they change, the odds at the new bookmaker are still as they first saw and wish to bet at.

Are under 18’s allowed to make sports bets, as they aren’t always made in a casino?

No. In USA, the legal minimum gambling age is 19, no matter where or when the bet is made. This minimum gambling age is applied to all forms of gambling, from sports bets, to slots in pubs, and table games in casinos.

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