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Slots vs. Lottery – Which Game Has Better Odds?

Most casino gamblers focus on games that provide them with the most entertainment value for their money. Others look for gambling games with better odds.

Slot games and the lottery are two popular types of games in the US and worldwide. So, which gambling game offers better odds, the lottery or slot machines?

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Winning Jackpots

Winning the lottery offers gamblers the potential to instantly begin an apparently new life. People are drawn in by the possibility to go to bed with a few hundred dollars in the bank and to wake up a multimillionaire.

Odds of Hitting a Massive Payday

Big multi-state lotteries such as Powerball pay out around 50%. Most of the front-runners on a massive lottery game are small prizes.

For instance, in the Powerball game, you have a 1 in 38 chance of hitting the Powerball and also doubling your $2 investment.


Scratch-off lottery tickets can be bought at any convenience store or gas station in many states in the US. These instant win gambling games can be acquired for as little as $1.

Casino Slots

Real money slots machines come in as many variations as scratch-off tickets. Walk into any Las Vegas casino, and you’ll be greeted by lots of slot machines.

Casino slots games can range from the standard spinning reel models to the latest video slots games with over 20 pay lines.

Imagine you place $10 on an even money roulette wager. If you win, you get $20. That’s your original bet plus a $10 profit. Slots are different and yet the same.

Slots or Lottery

Lottery jackpots are known as the go-to get-rich-quick scheme in the United States. Millions of tickets are vended every week for the Powerball and Mega millions of drawings.

People spend hours fantasizing about winning a huge jackpot even though they have a better chance of being struck by lightning not once, but twice in their lifetime.

The payouts are much higher on slots than the lottery that it’s really not a competition. To put it in perspective, the difference boils down to this. If you put $100,000 into a slot game for an hour, you could leave with $95,000.

Put the same $100,000 into a lottery ticket, and at best, you will walk away with $50,000. Despite being the highest house advantage in any casino, slots still have better odds than the lottery.

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