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Online Sic Bo Strategy Guide

150x150 sic bo strategySic Bo is one of the oldest, yet the most beloved and coveted casino gambling games. It stands out with its easy to learn rules, entertaining theme, rolls of the dice, and multiple betting options.

Furthermore, sic bo online is a game of pure luck, which makes it more attractive to gamblers. Still, some strategies could improve your odds to win. Keen to learn more about the Sic Bo strategy? Stay with us and keep reading this guide.

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Sic Bo Strategy – All You Need to Know

As we already know that online casino sic bo is a game of chance and a roll of the dice. Therefore, to win this game, you should rely mainly on your luck. Still, most game players look for more logical ways to win at sic bo and many other casino games.

Theoretically, your winning odds could be increased by using a simple strategy. After all, gambling with a system is always fun and also interesting. We must also clarify, that the result is never guaranteed, and the house edge can’t be removed completely.

Moreover, to be able to take full advantage of your selected sic bo strategy, you must be aware of the game rules. We remind you that you may find them listed in our sic bo rules guide. Once you understand the sic bo game well enough, you can pick any of the gambling strategies that we explain in the following paragraphs.

Low-Risk Strategy for Beginner Players

Are you making your initial steps into the exciting world of sic bo game? We recommend you to start with smaller bets, at least until you can master the game completely. Our recommended gaming strategy is quite simple. It involves selecting the bets with the best house edge, and also the highest probabilities.

Find more data about each of the low-risk bets in the table below:

Sic Bo Bet Odds Probability Payout House Edge
4 70/1 1.59% 62:1 12.43 %
5 34/1 3.13% 31:1 11.04%
6 20/1 5.26% 18:1 12.03%
7 13/1 7.69% 12:1 9.78%
8 9/1 11.11% 8:1 12.52%
9 15/2 12.50% 7:1 7.44%
10 7/1 14.29% 6:1 12.50%
11 7/1 14.29% 6:1 12.50%
12 15/2 12.50% 7:1 7.44%
13 9/1 11.11% 8:1 12.52%
14 13/1 7.69% 12:1 9.78%
15 20/1 5.26% 18:1 12.03%
16 34/1 3.13% 31:1 11.04%
17 70/1 1.59% 62:1 12.53%
Double 12/1 8.33% 11:1 11.08%
Triple 216/1 0.55% 180:1 16.74%


As we have mentioned, the higher a payout is, the lower your winning odds. Therefore, you should consider whether the suggested sic bo system would be suitable for your set budget. It is vital to pick your combination wisely and to make sure that the total house edge won’t be high.

400x224 sic bo strategy online

Strategy for Expert Players

Expert players can afford to gamble with higher-risk strategies. Generally speaking, as long as there are sufficient funds, you could try to play with multiple stakes.

Even though some will have low probabilities, the total payout would be even high enough to cover any losses and to bring significant profit. It is vital, however, to make a wise choice. Consider every bet’s odds to win and calculate if your combination would be profitable.

Tips for Playing with the Best Sic Bo Strategy

Using a sic bo strategy could be fun and useful, though, the question is, can make your betting efficient? As we have mentioned, a good sic bo system could improve your odds to win theoretically, but it cannot affect its outcome. There are, however, tricks that could help you get the most out of your selected sic bo game. Check out these tips below:

  1. Bet on Small or Big – the risk is lower, and the probabilities are high.
  2. Place Combination Bets – they have a low house edge and high winning odds.
  3. Avoid Triple Bets – they are too risky, and they offer only a 0.55% probability to win.
  4. No Sic Bo Strategy Offers plyers Guaranteed Results – the house edge can’t be eliminated.
  5. Don’t Place a Foolish Bet – it has a high house edge, and the winning odds of it being hit are very low.

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