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The Best Scratch Cards for USA Players 2019

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Scratch cards are lottery tickets with small, opaque areas that need to be scratched off to reveal the information/numbers underneath. Scratch cards are a staple of modern gambling in USA in 2019, though they haven’t been around all too long. In fact, scratch cards as we know them today only made their appearance in the mid-1970’s.

The very first scratch-off lottery tickets/lottery scratch cards were offered by the Massachusetts State Lottery. Later, in 1987, a company called AstroMed Inc. was granted a patent for a scratch card. This sent the popularity of scratch cards skyrocketing.

Scratch cards aren’t all limited to lotteries, however. They can be found in anything from advertising campaigns to children’s competitions in cereal boxes. Scratch cards can offer Canadian players endless, easy-to-access and play, fun at a reasonable price.

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Online Scratch Cards

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As with all other forms of gambling, scratch cards too have made migrated online. Online cards are a true evolution of the game. They offer Canadian players the same fun experience while adding convenience and variety.


Scratch Card Jackpots

While it is true that scratch card jackpots aren’t always as big as those of most casino table games and slots, they still offer players heaps of fun and can still offer big cash prizes.

Jackpots on scratch cards are varied. They can be as small as a $500 once-off jackpot, to a $100 000 jackpot or even a spread out wins like $1000 a month for 12 months jackpot. It all depends on what is on offer.


So, don’t write off scratch cards too quickly, they might just have the perfect jackpot for you.

How to Play Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are almost assuredly the easiest form of online casino gambling, though they do still have their pitfalls that can catch the uninformed if they are unaware. They are easy to play, but casino players need to ensure they understand what they need to do before starting, otherwise they might void their card.

For example, a scratch card might give casino players five areas that are available to scratch off, but then ask them to select three at random, and only scratch those off. Scratching off any more than the required amount will result in a card being declared void.

Coins are usually used to scratch the coating off the selected area.

Scratch Cards FAQ

Why play scratch cards when the jackpots are so much smaller?

Well, not everybody can afford, or even wish to wager large amounts of money at a time. That is why scratch cards are such a great game. They offer Canadian gamblers the chance to play a thrilling gambling game for as much as they can afford. Players can choose to play one card or as many as they can afford to gamble with.

Can scratch cards be rigged?

Yes. Though instances of rigging are rare. That is why Canadian players should only play scratch cards at trustworthy are verified online casinos that are independently monitored or physical scratch cards that are run by reputable lotteries.

Do online scratch cards have the same size jackpots as physical ones?

That depends on who is running the lottery. Jackpots will differ from lottery to lottery, but physical and online, so neither has the biggest.

Can I rather play a physical scratch card online?

Scratch cards aren’t normally offered as either physical or online. Physical cards aren’t automatically available to play as a player wishes, though it doesn’t mean that they aren’t available. If a lottery offers both, casino players can choose whichever suits them, as they won’t be impacted negatively by their choice, either way.


Is it more expensive to play scratch cards online?

Not at all. Just like regular scratch cards, players can play for as little as $1, or buy more expensive cards for $5 or even %10. Players can buy as many cards as they wish.

How do I scratch off cards when playing online?

Online cards simulate the actions players would take when scratching off a real card. Therefore, players simply click on the area they would like to ‘scratch off’ as it were, and the area will be revealed.