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Play 777 Themed Online slots

777 themed slots online777 slots are among the most popular themed games for slot heads in the US and globally. You will find that these kinds of slots have a 777 icon on one of the reels. In some cases, it is typically a sign of some great rewards ahead if you land on it in your symbol arrangement.

So, to give you some more insight into the associated game titles, today’s review will take a look at all the details that you will find in the highest rated 777 slots. We’ll also give you some pointers on the best casinos where you can play free 777 slots.

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Why Are 777 Themed Slots Popular?

The number 7 is a sign of good luck throughout history. In some cases, it’s even 7777. As such, gaming software developers designed games with the number to boost the player’s morale. Also, the number seven signified greatness or perfection in many other cultures.

For example, if you know the Bible well, you will remember that Noah’s father, Lamech, lived for 777 years! Still, in the bible, we know that God rested on the seventh day, making it a sacred Sabbath day for believers.

The Conventional followers, on the other hand, consider the three sevens as a good representation of the Holy Trinity.

Symbols Offered

Of course, the even icons that appear in all the titles in this category will be the sevens. You will find that they are composed of classic fruit machines, with most of them adopting the on-bet per line design.

So, you should expect to get fruit-related icons like bars, sliced melons, stacks of cash, grapes, and bells. However, same as any other games, 777 slots come with other icons that differ depending on the gaming software providers that created them.

777 themed slots

Game Interface

The earliest conception of the 777 slot machines was conceived from the brick and mortar Triple 777 slot game. As such, the first adaptations of this theme were classic titles with a single bet per line format.

The graphics for this tend to mimic the vintage style, which old veterans of spinning the reels find attractive. If you are an enthusiast of this type of reels, then you will have a blast spinning the reels of golden casino oldies such as Fire n’ Dice, Lucky Darts, Magnificent 777, Fire Star, Scratch and Spin, Triple 7 Inferno, and also Magic Cherry.

Bonus Features

While most of the old-fashioned games with the triple seven themes have the classic features alone, the more modern hits do come with several bonus features to give a chance to win more.

You will also encounter free spins and bonus rounds in some of them, and with the advent of scatters and expanding wilds, your win might be boosted by multipliers in games like Magic Cherry, Sizzling Stars, and Fire n’ Dice.

Popular 777 Slot Games

777 Online Slot Wild 7 Being a theme that has remained so popular with gamblers over the decades. Some of the most popular of them include:

  • Wild Sevens Slot.
  • Hot Shot.
  • Crazy 7.

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