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Best Slot Machine Strategy

best slot strategiesA lot of casino players wonder whether there are any tricks to winning on slot machines. It’s hard to think a slot machine strategy exists when it is literally a game where you spin the reels and simply hope to see winning combinations of symbols appear on the screen, especially since each spin is independent of the last.

We wouldn’t fault you for thinking this way. By and large, there is no way to reduce the house edge of a slot machine, no matter what some slots tips and strategies suggest. The only way you can truly reduce the house edge of a slot game is through cheating, which we don’t recommend you do.

So, how can you improve your odds of winning on real money slots if games are completely random?

Well, there is only one slot machine strategy that actually works: picking the right machine.

A lot of players aren’t aware that online slot games differ not only in how much they payout, but in the chance of winning too. There are a couple of features of a game you can check to determine whether it is a loose machine.

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Below we tell you how to pick slot machines with the best odds of winning. We also provide you with five slot tips to include in your basic strategy to ensure you always have a lot of fun when you play online.

We also list top online casinos that offer you the chance to play the best slot games available. So, you can get started on winning any time you like!

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Ultimate Slot Machine Strategy

When picking the best type of slot to play to increase your chances of winning, you need to focus on the following areas:


Volatility is a metric that measures the randomness of a game indicates how likely the game is to payout. A game with high volatility is less likely to payout regularly than a low volatility game. As such, high volatility games will usually feature big jackpots. However, low volatility games usually offer smaller wins on a more consistent basis.

You need to decide what sort of player you are. Do you dream of winning big progressive jackpots? Well, then you need to eat the losses you are going to experience while playing these games. However, if you want something to show for a game session, you are going to need to play games with low volatility.

Often, the only way to get hints at a game’s volatility is to look at its paytable. Casino games, such as progressive slots, usually indicate that winning a jackpot is near impossible on their paytable.

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Return to Player Percentage

Payback percentage is another metric casino operators openly give to you that may help you determine whether a slot game is more likely to payout. The consensus is that a game with a high RTP percentage is more likely to pay out than a game with a lower RTP.

Sometimes, this is true; however, it isn’t always the case. There are situations in which a game could payout a jackpot and this could raise its overall RTP percentage. There have been instances in which a game’s percentage has increased from 70% to 98% because a single player won the jackpot.

Because of such situations, it is important to look at a game’s percentage over a long period instead of just its most recent figure. Casinos usually update machine payout percentage figures monthly.


Look, we all wish we had endless bankrolls but the reality is most of us don’t. So, you need to shop around for games you can afford to play. You don’t want to spin the reels once on Mega Moolah with all the paylines active and end your game session there.

Rather you want to ensure that you have a respectable amount of playing time. Thus, look for games that will give you just this even if you do choose to bet the maximum.

5 General Slots Tips

Outside of picking the right machine, there are a couple of general tips you need to keep in mind to complement the general online slots strategy. These are:

Bet Max

To ensure that you win the maximum amount of prize money on a winning spin, you need to bet maximum. Now, as we mentioned above, some games may be too expensive to bet max frequently. So, don’t play those games. Play others you can afford to be max over an extended time

Activate All Paylines

One of the worst feelings in the world is seeing that winning jackpot land on screen but not winning it. The only way to prevent this from happening is by activating all the paylines so that you can capitalize on every win that appears on screen.

Don’t Get Greedy

You don’t have to win a jackpot to win a significant amount of money on a slot machine. Don’t set your sights only on winning a game’s full jackpot. Rather when you have won a bit of cash, set an amount you are willing to lose before walking away with at least something.

Use Your Bonuses

Bonuses sometimes get a lot of flak for not being worthwhile. But if you’re a slots fan, you could get a lot out of the extra bonus cash. If you consistently bet max and win some cash along the way, you should be able to get something out of your bonus, even if it does feature harsh wagering requirements.

Don’t Focus on Progressive Slots

Yes, progressive slots offer the biggest payouts. However, this doesn’t mean that these are the best games to play all the time. Often, these are some of the most expensive games in a casino with some of the lowest average returns. So, it really doesn’t pay to play progressive casino games.