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Online Slots Facts 2020

Slots FactsSlots facts – what are they and why is it important to know the facts about slot machines? We are here to uncover all the important slots facts that you probably don’t know. Getting all your facts together can help you become better at playing the game, and can also help you choose the best machines possible.

Slot games are undeniably one of the most played casino games out there. Its also very quick and easy, with small frequent wins up for grabs. This has surely contributed to the popularity of the game. This particular article will focus on giving you all the important information about slot games.

Every seasoned player will let you know how important it is to be knowledgeable about the games you enjoy most. This way you just get better at the game, and in turn, stand to make more money.

Slots Facts and Myths

We’ll discuss 5 of the biggest slots facts that you need to know. To ensure that we give you the most accurate information possible, we consulted our resident slots expert who plays slots regularly himself. Have a look at the facts below and be mindful of them the next time you play.

1.      Slot Machine Progressive Jackpots Are Big

This might be hard to believe but it is a slot fact. Slot game progressive jackpots represent some of the biggest payouts that you can expect in any given casino game. Slot jackpots are often as big as lottery jackpots if not more. This is what makes this game so appealing to players.

You might not know that there are different kinds of progressive jackpots in slot games. There are three types in total namely; standalone, local, and wide-area progressive jackpots.

Standalone jackpots refer to one particular slot machine and can only be won when you play on that particular machine. Local area jackpots are found among a group of slot machines that all belong to the same casino. The machines are often positioned on the same casino floor.

What makes this kind of jackpot special is the fact that when you play on either of the machines, the jackpots on all of them grow. However, if someone is lucky enough to win the jackpot on one of those machines, only the affected machine pays out and all of them are reset to their original start-up amounts.

Wide area jackpots, on the other hand, refer to a network of slot machines that can be found at many casinos. Wide area slot jackpots are the biggest of them all and can compete with lottery game jackpots.

2.      Slot Games are Legal in 41 US States

We’ve mentioned previously that slot games are extremely popular and it’s the type of casino game you can expect to find in any casino. The laws regarding gambling in the USA are tight, but fortunately, slot machines are permitted in 41 states across America which is more than what we can say about other types of casino games.

3.      Japan and USA are Popular Slot Destinations

This slot fact might be hard to believe but it is in fact true. Research shows that slot machines are mostly played in Japan and the USA. Japan takes first place between the two with roughly 5 million machines spread across the country. The United States comes second with 800 000 slot machines spread across the country.

4.      There Are No Hot or Cold Slot Machines

This slot fact is more of a myth than anything else. We are aware that some players believe that slot machines get hot and cold. But, this is simply not true. They say that cold machines are ones that rarely hit or payout, while hot machines are ones that frequently hit.

The reality is, though, that slot machines use random number generators to obtain results and slot machines have no ability to recall when last a winner was rewarded from it. This makes the notion of hot and cold slots not true.

5.      Slot Machines Are Addictive

This is a slot fact that you best believe. Slot games are highly addictive because they are so fun and easy to pay and the bet amounts range well. Research shows that slot players can become addicted to a machine 3 to 4 times quicker compared to if they were playing any other casino game.

Top 5 Slots Facts

Facts About Slots Overview

Now that you can tell apart a slot fact from a myth or misconception, you are ready to start playing for real money. Feel free to visit any of the casino sites that we endorse for a fun slot game experience. And, if you are looking to gather more information about the game, click on some of the other slot guides below.