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Slot Cheats – How to Cheat Slot Machines

slot-machine-cheatsMany players are curious about slot cheats because they want to win the game at all costs. There is no way that you can mislead a slot machine at a casino site.  The casino game uses a random number generator to ensure fair results. We know that winning the game is possible but cheating is not the way. However, we found that gamblers do think about cheating the system, which made us investigate what slot cheats entail.

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Slot Machine Hacks

Players have over the years tried several times to cheat on slots. These are some of the ways that they have tried to score a win at land-based casinos.

  • Tampering with the slot machine sensors – it’s been said that some players would fiddle with the slots sensors and shine the light on the machine. Somehow the slot machine will be confused and allow players to manipulate the machine.
  • Using a coin and string – a coin is attached to a string and inserted into the machine slot, then pushed down. After, players spin the reels and coins would pop out.
  • Ronald Dale Harris used codes to cheat the slot game. He worked as an engineer within the gambling industry and has confidential information. This made it simple for him to win but was later caught.
  • The money paw was used by Tommy Glenn Carmichael to get money from the slot machine. This paw would be inserted in the payout section. He would spin the reels and coins came running out because there was nothing to stop them from flowing.

It’s interesting to know what people have done before but we don’t encourage you to test these methods at real casinos. It’s would be very risky and you might end up in jail. We encourage responsible gambling because we want you to be safe.


How to Cheat Online Casino Slot Machines?

Unfortunately, there are no slot cheats for online gambling sites. These websites have safety measures in place to promote fair gambling. You can search for articles on how to cheat the system but trust us when we say they may be misleading.

You need to remember the reliable casinos are regulated. Developers work hard to maintain good ethics and so do gambling sites. They will payout win you win a game so you can play slot games without feeling that you will be cheated in any way.

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