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Live Casinos in USA in 2019

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Live casinos are online casinos that allow players to interact with a real dealer over a live video stream.

Live Casinos were a progressive step made within the online casino world. After CGI based games took off at a serious rate, the next step was naturally to merge more of the land-based casino scene with the online gambling realm. As such, live dealer casinos were born! A live dealer casino is an online video stream of a real time live game in progress. You will be able to play against an actual human dealer and other real competitors – as opposed to the computer-generated competitors of past online casino games. There are a wide variety of live dealer games for all American players to make use of, so read on below to get the scoop of live casinos in USA in 2019.

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Learn Live Casino Etiquette in USA

One thing you need to familiarize yourself with as an online gambler is the expected etiquette of an online casino. Whilst most live dealer casinos will have their own set of rules, there is a common standard of behaviour which all players should adopt before entering into the live casino video room.

Understand the Rules of the Live Casino games Before Taking a Seat

There is nothing more frustrating for other players and dealers alike than a novice who enters into a game without being familiar with the rules. Therefore, learn what you need to know BEFORE entering into the game. The best way to do so is to make use of the free play CGI games available which will allow you to play using a number of fake casino credits. Read up on the rules and get a bit of first-hand experience before entering into the big leagues.

Do not Buy in or Cash Out Whilst a Live Dealer Casino Game is in Play

This is considered to be a rude practice. If a game is in session when you enter the video room, be sure to wait for the play to complete before buying in. In the same right, do not cash out whilst a hand is in play. Use the time to sort through your money and decide how much you either wish to play or cash out.


Do Not Seek Advice from the Dealer

The dealer is only there to do their job – which is dealing you your hand. A dealer will never divulge secrets of the casino or ways to win, therefore, do not make their lives miserable by constantly hacking them for advice. If you do so, they may report you and this could result in you being banned from not only the table, but the online casino as a whole.

Do Not Abuse Fellow Players or Dealers with Trash Talk

This is a huge point to adhere to. Any abuse of a player or dealer can result in serious consequences for the bully. Online casinos take verbal abuse very seriously and you will see yourself being banned faster than you can think. In the same right, if another player is targeting inappropriate comments towards you, be sure to report them to the casino so they cannot abuse any more players.

Do Not Be Inappropriate

This is a general guidance relating both to the above two statements as well as appearance. Although you’re playing from the comfort of your own home, there is no need to treat the table as such. If the game is a fast-paced game, try keep up with your fellow competitors and not hold up the play with lengthily decisions.

Types of Live Dealer Casino Games Available in USA

As an American player, you will be able to reap the rewards of a ton of fun live casino games. Live dealer games are all classic table games you would find on felt tops at land-based casinos in USA. We shall take a closer look at a few of the live dealer games you will be able to enjoy online below.

Live Dealer Roulette

roulette online

Live Casino Roulette allows you to play the casino classic from the comfort of your own home, but with the advantage of witnessing the real time game play before your eyes. You will be able to enjoy versions of the three classic genres of roulette; American Roulette, European roulette and French Roulette, brought to you from a number of different software providers.

Live Dealer Blackjack

blackjack online

Blackjack is one of the most widely loved casino games throughout the world – not just amongst us American folk. You can now reap the benefits of one of the lowest house edges as far as casino games go straight from the comfort of your home, or whilst on the go. Yes, certain live casino software providers allow for game play to take place straight from your smart phone or tablet device. So, whether you’re on the move from Ottawa to Edmonton or Vancouver to Montreal, you will now have the pleasure of taking the lovely live dealers with you.

Live Dealer Poker

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Poker is one of the largest strategy-based games within the world to date. Wearing a poker face like a pro can land you mean turning a bad hand into a million bucks – literally! Live dealer poker is enticing because there are a number of poker games available. If Texas Hold’Em is your game of choice, why not try out the Casino Hold’Em version? If five card poker is your poison of choice, you will be able to find it online. Whatever your pleasure in the poker world, there will be a live dealer poker room online for you to enjoy it at.

Live Dealer Baccarat

baccarat online

Baccarat became known as the game of class when it was announced as James Bond’s favourite in Casino Royale in 1967. Although three versions of this beloved game are still played today, Punto Banco is the most common, making up roughly 91% of all baccarat games found online. Mini baccarat can also be enjoyed at live casinos however once again mini baccarat runs along the same rules as the larger scale Punto Banco original.

Live Dealer Sic Bo

sic bo online us

Steadily gaining popularity amidst the online community, live dealer sic bo is a hot contender as far as favourite table games go. Sic bo is a game similar to craps, however three dice are used. The dealer will roll the three dice as players wager on potential outcomes of the roll. A complete game of chance, however, there is a lot of fun to be had playing a hand of live sic bo.

Live Dealer Craps

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Craps is a hot game at land-based casinos with an infectious energy you just cannot shake. Playing live craps on the internet brings the same allure as the land-based counterpart, only with a bit of a twist. Since you cannot pass the dice around, the shooter in live casino craps will always be the dealer.

Live Casino Software Providers

There are a lot of live dealer casino software providers available for online casinos to make use of. Although there are a number to enjoy, there are a few who stand out above the rest. We shall take a look at the top three live casino software providers below.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution gaming is the preferred software provider for live casino games. This is simply because they have been proven to be the best. At the time of writing, this software provider has been crowned the best live casino software provider for seven years in a row at the EGR Awards. Evolution Gaming offers various different types of live dealer games. Namely these are:

  • Live Roulette
  • Live Blackjack
  • Live Baccarat
  • Live Casino Hold’Em
  • Live Three Cards Poker
  • Live Caribbean Stud Poker
  • Live Ultimate Texas Hold’Em


Whilst NetEnt also specialize in producing some of the most riveting online slot games, they also have a pretty decent live casino offering. The biggest thing that sets NetEnt apart from competitors is the fact that they are one of the few live casino software providers who offer free play at their live casino games. You will be able to test the live dealer games before wagering any actual money. Although the trial only lasts for a certain amount of time, you still will be able to get a taste of what you can expect at the live online casino tables before committing your precious bankroll to the game.


Once again, another huge slot game provider in the online casino world, yet also a worthy contender in the live casino circuit. Microgaming™ is not only one of the largest, but also, one of the oldest online casino software providers in the industry. Their live casinos are set apart, no by the riveting game selection they provide, but more so by the types of dealers you will encounter. Microgaming™ live casino games can be played with Playboy Bunny dealers. Yes, you read correctly, you will be dealt your hand by a lovely lady in bunny ears. This adds a whimsical fun side to the furiously fast paced live casino world.

Live Casino Glossary for American Players

Betting Limit

A betting limit is a predetermined minimum and maximum amount for every casino game. The minimum amount dictates the minimum amount you are expected to wager in order to qualify to play the game. The maximum amount refers to the absolute largest wager you will be able to place in the game.


The edge describes the favour of the pout come of a wager, for example, the house edge is the advantage the casino has over you in a specific bet. This is usually shown in a percentile value

Even Money Bet

A wager in which the payout is a 1:1 ratio, i.e. you bet CA$4, you win the round, you win CA$4 on top of your initial bet.


Describes the cards you have been dealt in a casino card game.


To request another card from the dealer, generally a term used in blackjack.


The house refers to the online casino.

Hole Card

A card dealt face down in either blackjack or poker.


This is the amount of money which is paid to you when you win.

Real money

Real money is a term used to describe bets made with the players’ actual bank roll.


To refuse being dealt another card.


A joker – in a pack of cards – which can be used as a stand in for any other card to complete a winning combination.

Live Casino FAQs in Online Casinos in USA

What exactly is a live dealer casino?

A live dealer casino, or live casino, is a type of online casino game in which you will actually be able to interact in real time with a human dealer. You will also be able to play against actual competitors and this whole experience is delivered to you through a video stream feed.

Can I place autobets in live American casinos?

This depends on the software provider being used by the online casino. Some will give you the autoplay option to enjoy. You will be able to play automatic wagers for a certain number of rounds. If you are a fan of autoplay, be sure to look out for casino software providers who provider this function, and the online casinos who make use of thee software providers.

Will I need a separate account to play at lice casinos in USA?

No, if you are registered at the online casino already, you will not have to open another specific account to play at their live casino. If, however, you choose to play at a new online casino, you will have to start an account with them to access any of their casino games.

Will I be able to change the streaming quality of the video feed at a live casino?

At times, you will be given the option to adjust the streaming quality. Be sure to keep an eye out for the options section of the menu as this is generally where you will find the streaming adjustment selection.

Do all online casinos in USA offer the live dealer casino?

No, not all online casinos will give you the live dealer option. There are a number of online casinos who do not have the live dealer casino available for players to make use of. Be sure to keep a look out for this in the American casinos reviews as we shall mention whether or not you will be able to indulge in the thrills of a live casino.

Will I have to download specific software to play live casino games from USA?

Not always. There are certain online casinos that require you to download their software in order to play their games. However, here are also a large number of flash casinos which will require no downloads and give you the opportunity to start gaming then and there.