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Las Vegas Slots Offer the Best Odds

Slot machines are considered as the worst-paying casino games in the casino. They’ve also earned this reputation to some degree.

After all, many penny slot machines only delivered between 88% and 90% RTP. This payback is poor compared to most casino games, like video poker and baccarat.

However, slot games aren’t always that bad. Numbers from Las Vegas show that slots are among the fairest games.

Las Vegas Slots

Slot Machines Carry a Terrible Reputation

You need only look at the fact that real cash slots are nicknamed one-armed bandits to realize these games don’t have a great reputation.

  • Slot machines used to feature the pull levers.
  • Many players lose a significant amount of cash on these games.

The reason why players lose so much through these slot games isn’t that slot machines don’t really pay much back. Slots are competitive with many other casino games in terms of RTP.

For instance, Caribbean stud and American roulette feature 94.74% and 94.78% RTP, respectively. You also need to use a perfect strategy in Caribbean stud to get 94.78% payback.

The average slot game in a land-based casino delivers between 94% and 96% money back. The typical web slot offers between 95% and 97% RTP.

Comparison Between Land-Based Slots and American Roulette

American Roulette

  • House edge is 5.26%.
  • You play for an hour.
  • You make one $5 stake every round.
  • The table sees 50 spins within the hour.
  • 50 x 5 x 0.0526 = $13.15 in theoretical hourly losses

Slot Machine

  • House edge is 5.26%.
  • You play for an hour.
  • You make one $1 wager per spin.
  • You perform 600 spins in an hour.
  • 600 x 1 x 0.0526 = $31.56 in theoretic hourly losses
  • You’re risking 5x over with every roulette bet.

Vegas Slots Aren’t That Bad

As covered above, play rate is the main culprit for why players lose huge money through slots. Nonetheless, the house edge isn’t that bad when compared to the rest of gaming.

Here are the top-paying options in the casino

  • Video poker = 99.54% (on Jacks or Better)
  • Baccarat = 98.94% house edge (w/ banker bet)
  • Craps = 98.64% (w/ don’t pass line bet)
  • Blackjack = 98% to 99.5% (w/ proper strategy)
  • French = 98.65% (w/ even-money bets)
  • European roulette = 97.3%
  • Three-card poker = 97.68% (w/ proper strategy)

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