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Keno Cheat – How to Cheat at Keno

100x100-keno-cheatWe are not surprised that you are looking for keno cheat tips. Many other players have come to us looking for ways to cheat at keno. Firstly, we don’t recommend that cheat at keno or any other casino game.

Keno is a fun and underrated casino games. When you play online, the game will use a random number generator, making it very hard for you to cheat or for the casino to cheat you. So, we have a better idea. Use our top tips and tricks to win at keno. Find out more in our guide.

Best Keno Casinos Online

Keno Cheat App

Firstly, no app can help you cheat on keno. There also no strategies or betting systems that will guarantee a win for you in keno. The only way you can better your chances is by learning the various keno games and how they work. This way, you will be well informed before you make any real money bets.

While many players also believe that casinos rig games, they couldn’t be more wrong. Many casino games are designed in a way that gives the casino an edge. However, the regulated casino will not risk rigging the games as this can end up in expensive fines or losing their license.

Keno Machine Cheats

If you are still planning on becoming a keno cheater, you will have to know the different keno games and bets. This will help you avoid getting caught and possibly help you develop the perfect plan to make money. Also, don’t mention our name when you get caught.

While the games are different and are from different software developers, they all have the same aim. You will make a bet, then you will choose one or more numbers, and you will be paid out if your selection matches the final RNG picked numbers.

In terms of keno bets, here are some of eth best that you can make:

  • Straight Bet: you will pick your own set of numbers
  • Top or Bottom Bet: your bet will be based on whether the selected numbers will have more numbers from the top 40 numbers or the bottom 40 numbers.
  • Odds or Even Bet: your bet is whether they will be odder or more even numbers selected.

Keno Tips Cheat

We have compiled the top tips and tricks to help you improve your odds and possibly win more games without having to cheat!

  1. Play at a regulated and licensed casino like the ones we review on this website
  2. Choose casinos that offer a wide variation om=f keno games
  3. Search for keno games with great payouts
  4. Before you play for money, practice playing the game for free
  5. Choose between four to eight numbers
  6. Play keno games with a progressive jackpot
  7. Start playing with small bets
  8. Take note of eth numbers being drawn
  9. Play consecutive numbers
  • Choose to play multi racecards


If you are still asking yourself how you can cheat at keno, you can go as far as working at a keno booth, faking keno tickets, or designing a keno machine. We don’t know about you, but that sounds like a lot of work. Instead, we would rather focus on playing for free until we find a winning strategy.

The odds of winning keno games are smaller than many other casino games, but the prize definitely worth a gamble. Also, keno has one of the worst odds, but if you want to find a way to cheat the systems, good luck, find tangible cheating methods.