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James Packer Donates to Bushfire Relief Charities Relief in Australia

The Australian billionaire businessman James Packer and his family along with his casino Crown Resorts donated A$4 million to bushfire relief charities. Australia is overwhelmed in an unparalleled bushfire crisis. The Packer family spokesperson said that the donation will be directed towards fire and wildlife amenities in the states of New South Wales, Western Australia, and Victoria.

Mr. Packer’s family guaranteed A$1 million to the NSW Rural Fire Service in November 2019, However Australia’s bushfire disaster has speeded to new, and even more frightening levels since then. Of their recent donation, Mr. Packer said that “Australians are excavating deep to support each other in these rough times, it’s truly inspirational.” He also went on to say that his family and casino Crown Resorts “are keen to do more and the good way we to help, is to meaningfully increase donation.”


James Packer Family to Donate More

News about the Packer family increasing their donation to A$5 million came after Crown Resorts’ hotel and casino complex in Melbourne gave 200 rooms to Mallacoota refugees transported by a navy ship and had no other place to go. Mr. Packer’s latest donation followed a long list of initiates made by the Australian and international corporations and superstars in recent days.

US singer Pink donated A$500,000 to the bushfire relief efforts. The Australian actor Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban pledged A$500,000 donation. Chris Hemsworth, Australian actor, and his family pledged A$1 million, while singer Kylie Minogue donated an additional half-million dollars.

Fires Claim Thousands of Homes and Millions of Animals

Australia’s bushfire disaster has been ongoing for months, boiling land, killing wildlife and people, poisoning the air, and abolishing huge tracts of forests. The state’s unparalleled bushfire season has been fuelled by record temperatures and extensive lack of rain.

Firefighters and helpers are using slighter weather and rain that arrived in the past few days to cover some of the fire facades. However, officials caution that temperatures are predictable to climb again and enormous fires in NSW and Victoria could combine to form an extra-large blaze. The bushfire crisis is believed to have killed about 25 people so far. Millions of animals died since September.

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