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Is sports betting legal in California?

Legalized sports gambling in California is years away. However, companies are preparing for a huge response from the public. Legalized sports gaming in California is still at least two years away. Though to those in the gambling community, the Golden State is already looking like a potential golden goose.

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Can you do sports betting in California?

No, currently there are no corporeal sportsbooks in California as it is not legal to place bets on sports in the state. Offshore sportsbooks online are the only option for sports betting in the state of California.

The day the state gets to legalize the business, considered a virtual certainty by most in the gambling industry, will be like the beginning of a modern-day gold rush.

Big-brand sportsbooks and small-time oddsmakers similar will pour in, mining for millions of untapped players.

Is there hope for a 2021 Sports Betting Bill?

Yes, but it’s a possibility for tribal casinos at this point. If sufficient petitions are signed, tribal casinos might have something on the ballot in the coming years. 2021 doesn’t have any instant prospects for wider spread sports betting.

How can I bet on Sports in California now?

Californians have an advantage over other state residents. It’s a fairly short drive to Las Vegas. Anyone can fly to Vegas and wager on sports, but it’s just convenient from California.

Another debated subject in California is the obvious fact that most Californians use illegal avenues to wager on sports. This not only takes most or all of any possible revenue away from the state, but it presents a moral question for both lawmakers and the residents.

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