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How to Win $1 Million Playing Three-Card Poker

Three-Card Poker is not one of the games that players would think it can offer $1 million jackpots. Unlike slots or Caribbean Stud, this card game doesn’t have a reputation for great prizes. However, you may be surprised to know that Three-Card Poker offers the ability to win seven figures. In fact, some of the players have accomplished this very feat.

Three-Card Poker game

How to Play for Three-Card Poker Jackpots

A Three-Card Poker table has numerous circles for each wager. A circle is reserved for the ante, play, pair plus, and also jackpot bets. You only put chips in the fitting section. Assuming you want to play for the jackpot, for instance, then you will need to put chips in the jackpot circle.

Keep in mind, that not all Three-Card Poker casino games offer progressive prizes. So, you must check to see if a progressive jackpot is also available before playing. Jackpot wagers vary in size. Some three-card games require a $1 wager only, while some may call on to risk $5, $10, or $15.

The thought of placing between $5 and $15 might not be as appealing as having to risk a dollar to win big. However, bigger bets are likely to pump a progressive jackpot up to $1 million or even more.

Standard Three-Card Poker Jackpot Pay Table

A jackpot wager qualifies you for even more than the progressive payout. You may also win other payouts for getting big hands like a straight flush.

jackpot paytable for Three-Card Poker:

  • Mini royal (AKQ) full of spades = Full jackpot
  • Straight flush = 70:1 payout
  • Mini royal full of any other suit = 10% of the jackpot
  • Straight = 6:1 payout
  • Three of a kind = 60:1 payout

Land-Based Casinos – $1 Million Three-Card Poker Jackpots Do Exist

Three-Card Poker offers the biggest payouts available in Land-Based Casinos. In fact, amply of gamblers have won over $1 million playing the game.

An anonymous gambler at Caesars Palace Las Vegas won $1.46 million In July 2019. Caesars also noted that the anonymous gambler was “in shock” after having won so much money.

Chances of Winning a Massive Three-Card Poker Jackpot

You’ll likely be playing a lot of Three-Card Poker before getting a suited mini royal. Though you don’t have to deal with astral slots jackpot-like odds.

The odds of receiving a mini royal of any suit are 1 in 5,252. With that said, you stand 1 in 22,100 odds of receiving a mini royal full of spades.

Do Casinos Offer $1 Million Three-Card Poker Jackpots?

Land-based casinos offer life-changing three-card jackpots. Though, you can look forward to the same kind of winning potential at real money casinos. Normally, web casinos are good at matching or coming close to the prizes available in brick-and-mortar casinos.

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