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How Mini Baccarat Changed the Baccarat Scene

Baccarat is one of the popular gambling games in the world.  Just decades ago, baccarat was lightly played. Only high rollers willing to bet $100 or more.

Fast-forward to today and the baccarat game has changed greatly. It’s now widely available across casino gaming floors and gives everyone a chance to play.

Mini Baccarat game

What Was Baccarat Like in the Past?

Baccarat began appearing in US casinos in the mid-20th century. It then became a hit among high rollers due to its huge minimum bets and high-class settings.

Regarding the latter, tables were also featured in roped-off VIP areas. Players had to meet the dress code, which entailed a tuxedo for men and evening gowns for females.

Every baccarat table required a hefty $50 minimum bet. This amount is worth $500 today.

Tables included between 12 and 14 seats with three different dealers. Still around in incomplete capacity today, this version is known as the big baccarat.

Basics of Mini Baccarat

Mini baccarat bears a lot of similarities to the big version. It features the same stakes types and the scoring rules.

Therefore, players shouldn’t experience trouble transitioning from one variation to the next. Though, mini-baccarat features very unique characteristics that set it apart.

Firstly, it offers lower bets than big tables. You can play mini baccarat game in land-based casinos for $5 per hand.

Secondly, it presents a small table than the big baccarat does. A mini table seats a maximum of seven players only.

5 Ways Mini-Baccarat Is Different from the Big Version

1 – Smaller Table & Faster Game Play

Mini tables are only allowed to seat seven players. Given the quantity of mini baccarat throughout all casinos, you’ll find tables where only 2-3 people are playing.

2 – Lower Stakes

You don’t need to risk a fortune to enjoy a mini baccarat game. Instead, you can gamble for just a few dollars per hand.

3 – Available to play on the Regular Gambling Floor

The game doesn’t require one to dress up and gain access to the VIP area. It’s available on the regular gambling floors next to other table game classics.

4 – Available at Casinos Online

Baccarat online is modeled after the mini variation. It offers players low stakes and sees players play a one-on-one game with the dealer.

5 – No Dress Code Needed

Big baccarat features a dress code. You will not be allowed to get in with shorts and casual clothes.

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