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Hole Carding in Different Casino Table Games

Hole carding is one of the most popular ways to beat the casino. It involves trying to see what dealer’s face-down cards are in order to gain an advantage.

Most hole carders head straight for the casino blackjack tables. After all, blackjack is a popular game and also a target among advantage players. Nevertheless, you can use this technique in a diversity of other games.

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How Does Hole Carding Work?

numerous table games see the dealer get his hole cards. These face-down cards are secrets until the dealer decides to flip them over.

Therefore, you have incomplete data with table games in the casino. Hole carding seeks to expose the data and give you a leg up on the house.

This technique wants you to first find a dealer who flashes their hole cards (a.k.a. “flasher”). Flashers are rare; however, they exist in the gaming world.

The next step involves finding out where to sit in order to see the dealer’s hole cards. Based on the table game, certain seats give you a better vantage point of the face-down cards

What Games Can You Beat Using Hole Carding?

One good thing about hole carding is that, the method can be applied to numerous games. Here are the numerous games that you can beat using this strategy.

Blackjack – The dealer brings one up-card and one face-down card when playing the game of blackjack. Your mission is to find out the value of the lone hole card.

Caribbean Stud Poker – The dealer gets one up-card and four face-down cards in the game. That said, you have four potential cards in every hand to monitor.

Let It Ride – The dealer doesn’t get any cards in Let It Ride. Though, they put two face-down community cards on the table after dealing the player with three-hole cards.

Mississippi Stud Poker- This Poker game is the best potential casino game with regard to hole carding. You can hold up to a 50% advantage by seeing the first face-down card alone.

Three Card Poker – this variant is the least advantageous casino game from a hole carding perspective. You stand to get around a 3% edge when making use of the perfect strategy.

Ultimate Texas Hold’em – the game works more like the version that you see on TV and livestreams. The key difference, is that you play against the house rather than players.

Which Game Can You Target?

hole carding works on many casino table games. So, with that said, you can’t go wrong by mastering this technique and putting it into play anywhere.

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