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Get started with Super Showball

Online casinos are already packed with top casino games to try out – so, what makes Super Showball different? At its heart, it is a bingo game. Numbers go from 1 – 90, and 30 balls are then drawn. As a player, you may buy up to four bingo tickets. Your goal? As in any game of bingo, it is to fill those tickets, crossing them off number by number to get the jackpot. Luckily, there are twists and extras along the way to uplift this game above your bingo hall.

super showball

What makes Super Showball different?

First up, there are different winning combinations. Each of the bingo cards contains 15 numbers. They are laid out in a 5×3 grid. A full bingo card is an ultimate goal, however, don’t worry if you don’t get there. You might win points with a single line, a cross, or even a number of other patterns. All in all, there are about 19 possible winning patterns. Bet $1, and a single line will get you a $3 payout.

That is the most basic winning pattern available. More complex patterns give pay outs that grow intensely; that $1 wager could get you $750 should you fill all the numbers on the outer border of the card. The full jackpot for $1 bet will be $4000 – though even if you don’t hit giddy heights, you still have a good chance of getting a good payout.

Super Showball Gameplay

New players don’t need to worry as the game is not hard to play. Super Showball is designed to keep things very simple. The game mechanics are basic enough and you won’t feel overwhelmed when playing. The game comes with an easy bingo theme, though its design is elegant.

You need two key buttons to play. The data about your current round is laid out on the screen at all times. You’ll see a number of different ticket layouts at the top of the screen. These represent the several winning combinations, each of them marked with a payout amount.

Change your wager per ticket, and the payout amounts will also change with it so you’ll know how much is at stake. Super Showball is designed to work as well on your mobile as on your computer.

Tips for playing Super Showball

Buy up to 4 bingo cards -to get the most out of the bingo game, that’s exactly what you’ll have to do. Playing with less than the full 4 will make things harder, as you will be less likely to see the coveted Extra Balls. To get to the Extra Ball stage, one of your tickets must be in a potentially winning position.

Super Showball – The bottom line

Super Showball is a very fun game with interesting elements that will keep you wanting to play more. The mystery elements add excitement and will make come for more.

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