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The online gambling industry is vast and can be a daunting place to new players taking their first, tentative steps into a much larger world. How do you choose one gambling site from the multitudes out there? Well, luckily Casinos Online USA is here to help players choose the best online gambling site, no matter what their preferences are. We feature all of the best casino sites in USA, making it all too easy for US gamblers to find the best places to play. Best USA Online Casinos is the ultimate gambling guide for players in USA whether they are playing from desktop or mobile. Players who want to gamble for real money or just play for fun will find everything they need to know on this Best USA Online Casinos gambling page. Play at casinos that accept US players

Best USA Gambling Sites

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Why Choose Online Gambling? – The Benefits of Best Online Gambling Sites

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Online gambling is the present and future of real money wagering. It offers all the advantages of land-based casinos, but with added convenience, features, and bonuses. All in all, online gambling sites and online casinos offer a far more rewarding and in-depth experience than land-based casinos. Some of the greatest advantages of online gambling include:

  1. Exclusive Bonuses- All of the best sites offer USA players exclusive bonuses, the most sought after being a great welcome bonus. Other bonuses include free spins on slots, loyalty bonuses, and the rarest, a no deposit bonus. Bonuses will range from small amounts of Dollars or spins to hundreds of Dollars, depending on players’ actions (e.g. The amount the deposit).
  2. A Massive Games Selection- A great selection of games is critical to a great experience. This is often the area where online gambling rooms truly outclass their land-based peers. Land-based casinos’ floor space limit the amount of games they can offer. The added bonus of playing online is that players do not need to buy different chips or cards for the different games. All gambling is linked to players’ one profile, and all bets are made from the same account.
  3. Safety and Security - All of the online casino sites featured on Best USA Online Casinos use the industry standard 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to secure all information sent between the player and the casino. All of the casinos are also regulated by a governing body, such as eCOGRA, who ensure that all bets made are fair, and that none of the games are rigged.
  4. Rating the Best Online Gambling in USA- At Casinos Online USA, we have assembled a team of online gambling experts and industry gurus to thoroughly test and review online gambling sites and to give American players all they need to know about online gambling. What our team looks for is the same thing other players should look for too. They are:
  5. Games, Games, Games- A great selection of games IS essential to ensuring a great experience. No player wants to feel stuck at a casino, with only a handful of games to play. Casino games are the foundation of online gambling sites, and the more that are available, the better.
  6. A Range of Deposit and Withdrawal Methods - If games are the foundation of online gambling sites, then casino banking is the backbone that holds it up. Without a proper banking system in place, no online gambling site can function. To truly thrive, it needs to offer a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods to cater to as many players as possible.
  7. A Welcome Bonus and Regular Loyalty Bonuses- A good welcome bonus is essential in the world of modern-day online gambling. A casino that doesn’t offer a good welcome bonus won’t be featured on Casinos Online USA. Just as the initial bonus is important, so is the retaining bonuses. Players should look out for loyalty bonuses featured on online gambling sites, and what they can do to earn them.
  8. Casino Customer Support- All day, every day customer support is no longer a luxury, it is an essential. Players should check what customer support each casino offers before they sign up.

Best Mobile Phone Gambling in the US

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Mobile gambling is quickly becoming the preferred method of gambling in USA. Modern smartphones offer players nearly all the features that they expect from an online gambling site when playing from a desktop computer. Mobile gambling sites are specifically tailored to smart devices like tablets and smartphones. Online casinos featured on Best USA Online Casinos have all gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure that their games are presented in the best possible way on touch screen devices, that they operate smoothly, and offer as many games as possible.

Most online gambling sites offer players a choice between two options to access the casino and play. American gamblers, whether they are playing from Android, iOS, Blackberry, or Windows Mobile can often choose between playing via a downloadable app, or via their phone’s browser. These are known as download casinos and instant play casinos respectively. American players who gamble from a mobile device are not doing themselves a disservice in any way at all. As mobile technology improves, so will online gambling sites on mobile devices.

  • Android- Android is by far the most popular mobile operating system (OS) in the world. Therefore, most online gambling sites have ensured that they offer a seamless experience for Android users. Most American gambling sites offer players the choice to download their casino software directly from their sites or via the Google Play store, or to play via their phone’s internet browser. Some of the most popular Android-powered smartphones include the Samsung Galaxy S7, the Sony Xperia XZ, and the HTC 10.
  • Apple iOS - Apple iPhones have become synonymous with modern-day smartphones. iOS in only available on Apple devices. Like on Android, players can access the casino via their phone’s browser or via a downloadable app, usually only available from the iOS App Store.
  • Blackberry- Blackberry is often considered as the ‘grandfather of modern smartphones. Although the company helped usher in the smartphone era, they failed to keep up with the rapidly evolving pace of the industry. However, many players still prefer playing from their Blackberry OS-powered devices, and as such, many online casinos still offer support for Blackberry users, even though the devices are limited in what they can offer.
  • Windows Mobile- Windows Mobile is the third-largest mobile OS in the world. Despite this, it still makes up a small share of the market, with almost all of the devices running it being made by Microsoft. Users can access online casinos either via their chosen browser or download an app via the Microsoft Store. Some of the better Windows Mobile phones include the Microsoft Lumia 950XL and the Microsoft Lumia 650.

Tips for Real Money Online Gambling in USA

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Whether you are an online gambling expert or industry newbie, these tips are sure to help you find your feet and make the most of your gambling experience.

  • Plan a Bankroll - Planning a bankroll is the first, and most important, step in the online gambling process. Players need to choose how much they are able and willing to spend. This will help them choose the right online casino for them. The term “winners know when to stop”, rings especially true, and is much easier for players who have planned their bankroll.
  • Play What You Want- Never settle. Players should never just play at a casino just because it is the most convenient option. Wagering online is both a hobby and a form of entertainment, so players never need to short themselves. It is wisest to play casino games they love, ensuring a great overall experience.
  • Only Gamble at Trustworthy Sites- At Best USA Online Casinos, we only feature the best and most trustworthy online gambling websites in the world. Players need to make sure that they always only play at registered online casinos to prevent themselves from falling victim to scams and dubious operators.
  • Take a Bonus When It is Offered- Online gambling bonuses add tremendous value to gameplay. When offered, players should definitely take advantage of them, ensuring that they read all the terms and conditions attached to it, when they do.

Online Gambling Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is online gambling as fun as land-based gambling?

Yes, and often times even more so! It offers players quicker access to games, wherever they are, a wider range of games, encryption, and a stellar list of available bonuses.

Aren’t online gambling jackpots very small?

Not at all. It offers players some of the biggest jackpots of all time. Some online slots, like Mega Moolah, regularly pay out over $10 million in jackpots.

Do I have to gamble for money, or can I gamble for free?

Most online gambling sites allow players to play for free before they even have to register a profile. This ensures that players learn the games beforehand and that when they register, they are sure that they want to play at the casino.

Does it cost more to gamble online?

Not at all. In fact, online casino sites offer players more control over how much they gamble, partly due to the fact that they accept small wager, and partly because players make all their wagers from one, centralized account, no matter what game they are playing. This makes it much easier to keep tab of all incoming and outgoing money.

Is it better to gamble from a computer or from a mobile device?

Well, both have their advantages, and cater to players’ different needs, so neither is better than the other. Players can choose which one works best for them at any one moment, and access both version from one central account for each of the casinos they have registered at.