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Gambling Tricks Casinos Use to Beat Gamblers

It might look like it’s all about the numbers, however, casinos use a number of gambling tricks to keep players from gaining an edge.  If you can recognize them, then you can start to level the gambling field.

Manipulation is quite a fair game when it comes to gambling. Since the first casino opened in 1638, there have been struggles between player and house – expectedly, the house is usually the winner. Let’s into some of the games that often go unnoticed.

Gambling Tricks

1.      The Casino Layout

Most players don’t give a second thought on how land-based casinos are laid out. At first look, nothing seems rare about it. However, there is more at play than what meets the eye.

For starters, the place is laid out like a maze. To find what you’re looking for you will have to have to pass through several games covered in bright colors.

2.      The Time of Day

If you were left at a casino with no phone or watch, you will never know what time it is – this is by the design.

Casinos everywhere do everything in their power to freeze time. The goal is to get gamblers in a “zone” where they can’t notice the time flying while they’re sitting at the roulette table or slot machine.

3.      Cashless

Same as swiping a credit card, when you gamble at a casino it can be easy to forget how much money you’re gambling with.

Casinos know that when your money turns into chips or a number on your membership credit card, it may seem like you aren’t using real cash– only numbers.

4.      Comps

Anything wrong with free stuff?! In this case, yes! Especially when you have to spend a lot of money to get it. The kickbacks that casino sites provide, known as “casino comps” or free items, are reserved for those who have paid their fair share to the house.

If you’re a recurrent player at a specific casino, it’s fine to work towards receiving a free night in a hotel room or free food and drinks. With that being said, if you try to get these rewards after a weekend, you’re going to end up betting far too much.

5.      The Jackpot Effect

Yes, it is true that casino jackpots happen.  Lucky gamblers have their day made in seconds when they win this prize. Nonetheless, it’s important to recognize that these shows of success aren’t typical, and the display is meant to entice you into chasing after the jackpot.

6.      Near Wins

Whether it’s gambling on real money slots, video poker, or any type of machine-oriented game, you’re most likely to come close to hitting the jackpot a lot of times.

Gaming programmers are very notorious for creating a system where players always feel like one more spin could have them rolling in real money.


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