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Facts About Reno That You Probably Didn’t Know

Most players dream of spending their holiday under the blazing Nevada sun. The massive outdoor recreational activities pair well with the luxurious casino resorts.

Stressed holidaymakers can gamble all day in the casino, play a round of golf in the morning, enjoy a cuisine dinner overseeing the desert, and top it off with a top-notch concert.

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1.      Tallest Climbing Wall in the World

Head to downtown Reno, and you won’t miss the soaring climbing wall at Basecamp.

Towering over the casino, the climbing wall measures an imposing 164 feet high. The climber’s dream doesn’t even stop there.

BaseCamp offers numerous competitions throughout the year. Most of the events take place right on their extensive climbing wall for all below to enjoy.

2.      National Bowling Stadium

Fans of the cult classic “Kingpin” recognize the massive Reno landmark. The nearly 400,000 square foot bowling center was the backdrop for the movie’s iconic scenes.

The five-story structure has about 80 gorgeous lanes for you to play.

3.      Birthplace of Blue Jeans

All of the blue jean’s fans owe a debt of gratitude to Reno. Jacob Davis, who’s a Reno tailor, was approached and asked about the sturdier pant option.

Davis came up with the impression of adding copper rivets to his new pants to increase the durability. His pants became a hit locally, and Davis decided to expand his operation.

4.      Seismic Activity

The principal little city in the world has thousands of earthquakes yearly. It doesn’t come as a surprise if you understand Reno’s geological situation.

Reno sits directly atop a series of fault lines below the Nevada Desert. Luckily, the seismic shifts are so minute that they can hardly be alleged by humans.

5.      All You Can Eat and More

Every August, as the summer sun kisses the desert landscape, Reno also transforms into the barbecue rib capitol of the world.

The Nugget Casino Resort hosts its popular annual rib cookoff, and over one hundred thousand people attend. Bring your hunger because these pitmasters mean business.

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