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Common Self-Destructive Habits of Slots Players

Some people may say that the biggest mistake slots gamblers make is playing slots. There’s some value to that, however, you’re never going to hit a life-changing progressive jackpot sitting on the side-lines. Slot machine gambling isn’t without its drawbacks. Here are the most common self-destructive habits that slots players have.

signs of gambling addiction

Gambling Too Fast

One of the wildest ways to drain your bankroll as a real cash slots gambler is by playing too quickly. Slots spins are over in a matter of seconds.

This fast-paced action will have you gaming more than 600 spins every hour. This can make the cost per hour even more expensive than any other casino game on the casino floor.

Casino Slot Machine Floor

There’s not really much that you can do about the giant house edge, besides having to move to a better game. Still, there’s a way to meaningfully stretch your bankroll to its total limits.

Slow down the slot game. In blackjack, craps, baccarat, and any other table game, the hands take time to develop and there are pauses for gambling between hands or rounds.

Playing the Wrong Slots Games

Casino slot games are not created equal. In fact, the return to player can dip from 95% for the best machines down to below 90% quickly. You must pay attention and become acquainted with the machines that you’re playing with.

Falling Asleep at The Reels

Slot games are well known for seducing players into a dream-like state. The thrilling animations and lights team up with loud fun sounds to lure players in.

The same appealing factors turn slots gamblers into zombies. They disregard time, cash, and the world around them.

Their main function is to spin the reels and watch the action as it unfolds before them.

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