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Welcome Bonus in USA

A welcome bonus is a casino bonus that players can claim once they have registered a profile and made their first deposit. A welcome bonus in USA in 2019 is the perfect way for new players to get acquainted with an online casino and to get a little boost on the way to some big winnings.

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Nearly all online casinos offer a welcome bonus in one form or another, though these welcome bonuses differ from casino to casino. Each online casino offers their own welcome bonuses, and these are available to every new player who signs up to the casino.

Welcome bonuses didn’t develop alongside the first online casino but evolved as a necessary tool for online casinos to stay relevant. The first true online casino, then operated by Microgaming, opened its ‘doors’ in 1994. Shortly after, the market was flooded by both good and bad online casinos, making it much harder for the true and honest casinos to stay in business.

Therefore, all the best online casinos started offering welcome bonuses to attract more players. As this was highly effective, casinos started giving away bigger and bigger bonuses to stay competitive. These days, online casinos have settled on what their welcome bonuses will consist of, offering it as standard as part of their welcome package.

Players who accept an online casino’s welcome bonus don’t need to worry that they won’t qualify for anything else. A welcome bonus is usually just the first in a line of bonuses, special offers, and promotions players can expect when they sign up to any one of the online casinos featured on Online Casinos USA.

Welcome Bonus Structures

Each casino determines the structure of their welcome bonus. A welcome bonus is usually divided into tiers, as determined by the casino.


For example. A casino might offer a player a welcome bonus of $1500, split into four tiers. This is how it might be calculated*:


Max Bonus Offered by Casino

Players’ Deposit Contribution to get Bonus


100% up to $500



50% up to $400



25% up to $200



10% up to $400


*This is just an example, and each casino has its own welcome bonus structure.

Players are under no obligation to deposit the full contribution amount, though they will then still only get the percentage offered on each deposit based on the amount they deposit.

As part of a welcome bonus, a casino might also offer free spins to use at any of their online slot machines. This is usually given alongside the first deposit, and the full amount of spins is usually given no matter what size deposit a player makes.

Welcome Bonus Wagering Requirement

Every online casino attaches a wagering requirement to its welcome bonus to prevent unscrupulous players from simply cashing out their bonus when they receive it. A wagering requirement is quite simple.

Players have to wager their welcome bonus, and any money they win with it during the wagering window, a pre-set amount of times before they can cash it out.

For example. For players to cash out a $500 welcome bonus with a x20 wagering requirement, they would need to wager a grand total of $10 000 before they can cash it out. Now, some players might get a fright when they see such a big number, but it is quite easy to meet, and many players do it quite quickly.

Because online casinos don’t have the massive overhead costs of a land-based casino, they can offer much bigger and more regular wins and jackpots, which make it much, much easier to meet a wagering requirement.

No Deposit Casino Bonuses

A no deposit casino bonus is quite rare as compared to a welcome bonus. A no deposit casino bonus is exactly what the name implies; a cash bonus/free spin bonus given to players without the need for them to make a deposit. A no deposit casino bonus are not nearly as big as welcome bonuses. Usually, they range between $5 and $20, depending on the casino that offers it.

No deposit casino bonuses also come with a wagering requirement, that, like a welcome bonus, needs to be met before players can cash any of the funds out.

No Deposit Free Spins

No deposit free spins are an alternative to the traditional no deposit casino bonus. Instead of cash, players will get a set amount of free spins to use on an online slot(s) of the casino’s choice. The winnings from the spins are then subject to a wagering requirement.

Welcome Bonus FAQs

What happens if I don’t want a welcome bonus?

Online casinos automatically add the welcome bonus to the first deposits players make. However, players who don’t want it will have to contact the online casino’s customer support service, either via email, chat, or by phone, and request that the bonus be removed. They can also request to not receive any more bonuses in the future.

Players need to know that once they wager with a welcome bonus, even if it is only $0.01, it constitutes an acceptance of the bonus, and it cannot be removed after that. Players then need to play with the bonus until the wagering requirements are met.

Should I really go through all the trouble just to look for the best welcome bonus?

Definitely! Though players should not just factor in a welcome bonus in their choice of online casino, but look at the casino as a whole. But yes, a good welcome bonus should form part of the decision.


Do I have to sign up to a casino to get a welcome bonus or even a no deposit bonus?

Yes. Online casinos don’t hand out bonuses to just anybody. To receive one, players need to register a profile with their correct details. Players cannot create several profiles to receive multiple bonuses, as this constitutes fraud.

Can I transfer my welcome bonus to another player?

Not at all. Welcome bonuses are given to the player that makes the deposit, and cannot be transferred, as the other player might not have consented to the terms and conditions or the wagering requirement.