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Best Casino Resorts in the World

Gone are the days of western-themed hockey, brightly lit, cheesy casinos. What the casino industry is moving towards is wealthy high-end resort-style casinos. This is one of the best moves ever made, especially for casino players that enjoy gambling on the floor. Moreover, it is very nice to leave the casino floor and be transported to a high-end private resort.

Let’s take a tour of the best casino resorts the world has to offer. We visit some American names that you’ve heard of, maybe visited as well.

Aria Resort and Casino Las Vegas

Aria Resort and Casino

The Aria Resort and Casino is an MGM property, and it is marketed towards the younger gamblers. Like most of the world, the property shifted its focus to the new populace of higher-earning visitors to today’s casinos. There are technical touches throughout the property to reflect the visitor’s private needs and wants.

If you look at the casino’s website, you get an optimistic vibe, as if they were cast on Mad Men. I like the collocation of 60’s cool with a modern touch for the high rollers.

The City Center on the Vegas Strip

The Aria is situated in the Strip’s City Center. This 76-acre mixed-use complex is made up of casinos, dining, resorts/ hotels, and shopping. This kind of urban development is also popping up as a tribute to Brooklyn’s ability to offer it all in however in an urban setting.

This fresh addition to the Strip is what keeps Vegas current for the fresher generations. They are looking for grand without the chunkiness of old Vegas.

Other attractions there, include the Aria Express, a tram connecting the City Center properties to both sides of the famed Bellagio. Visitors can indulge in high-end retail shopping and restaurants.

The Casino Gaming Floor

The casino floor of the Aria is 150,000 square feet of modern gaming options. The casino floor offers table games, slots, a high roller club room, and even sportsbook.

Casino floor takes a turn from the tradition of Vegas with windows on the corners of the floor. This is out of character for many casinos as they don’t include windows to life outside.

The high roller room offers players skylights to carry the clean design and move from the stuffy old Vegas.

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