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Are Baccarat Side Bets Insignificant?

baccarat side betsBaccarat is one of the easy casino games to play in the casino. You only have three simple choices when placing a bet, including the banker side, player side, or even both hands tying.

Most gamblers are happy with this simple setup. However, other baccarat enthusiasts crave for more betting options. The same gamblers appreciate when baccarat games feature side bets. The latter offers a chance to win bigger prizes than standard wagers.

The downside, is that side bets carry higher house edges. Therefore, you might wonder if it’s worth wasting your time with baccarat side bets.

What Are Other Baccarat Side Bets?

Baccarat offers players well over a dozen bets. We won’t get into every exotic wager that’s available in this game, however, you can see other common ones that are found in brick and mortar and real money online sites.

All Black or All Red: House Edge = 6.53% (All Black) or 14% (All Red)

You wager on whether the player hand might contain all black cards or all red cards. The all-black bet usually offers a 24:1 payout, while the all the other red bet delivers a 22:1 payout.

Bellagio Match: House Edge = 5.27% (Player) and 8.57% (Banker)

You place a bet on if the banker or the player will get a three of a kind. This bet pays p to u68:1 if the banker has a three of a kind and 75:1 when the gambler holds this hand.

Dragon Bonus: House Edge = 2.65% (Player) and 9.37% (Banker)

You’re betting that the banker or player will win with an 8 or 9 by a certain point margin. The player or banker must win by the given point total for your bet to be successful.

Dragon 7: House Edge = 7.61%

This bet revolves around the banker winning with a three-card hand that equals 7 points (e.g. 2 + 3 + 2 = 7). You will then win 40:1 on your original stake when successful with Dragon 7.

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