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 iphone casinos online

Apple casinos are online gambling sites that have tailored their mobile experience to users who are gambling via an Apple iPhone or iPad in the US. Though devices powered by Apple’s iOS aren’t as popular (at least by market share) as Android casinos, they are still some of the most popular devices among online casino players in USA. There are top iPhone online casinos that players can find and enjoy gambling at today.

Here at Casinos Online USA, we only list the biggest and best Apple casinos in USA. Our team of online casino experts have years of experience in the industry. Therefore, they know exactly what is needed to make an excellent Apple casino. Read through this handy useful guide page and learn all there is to know about Apple casinos and how our team chooses the best ones.  Play and win real money iPhone app online. Choose online gambling apps for real money and enjoy gambling online.

Top Real Money Apple Casinos

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What is Apple/ iPhone Casinos in USA?

iphone casinos online

An Apple casino is the colloquial term given to an online casino/mobile casino that has been redesigned and optimized to run as smoothly as possible on an Apple mobile device, like an iPhone or iPad. The casino hasn’t simply been ported over but rather given a thorough overhaul to ensure it works without fail on Apple devices.

As Apple regularly updates iOS, some older Apple devices that aren’t supported by Apple updates and that run an outdated version of the operating system, will not be able to play at most Apple casinos. American players need to ensure that their Apple device is compatible with the requirements set by the casino’s mobile app when they download the software from the App Store.

How We Test the Best iPhone Casinos Online

We at Best USA Online Casinos take our jobs seriously. Therefore, we don’t just recommend any Apple casino right off the cuff.

We take a thorough look at all of the aspects of an Apple casino, and only the best makes the cut. Here is what we look at:

A Good Selection of Games

What good is a casino that doesn’t have a good selection of games? None, at all. Therefore, when the Best USA Online Casinos team reviews an iPhone casino, they first look at if they offer a good selection of games, and if those games are exactly the same as those offered on Android devices.

Safety via Encryption

The true test of an Apple casino’s commitment to its players is its safety measures. Any Apple casino will have, at the very least, 128-bit SSL encryption. This means that it is virtually impossible to steal and decipher the information sent between a player and a casino.

Quick Banking including Withdrawals

Nobody wants to wait to play after depositing into their account, or even worse, wait for eons for their winnings to be cashed out. At Casinos Online USA, we scrutinize every aspect of an online casino before we feature it. Therefore, to be featured, an Apple casino must offer near instantaneous play when a player makes a deposit and fast payout of winnings. They should also offer a wide variety of banking options, offering the same ones across both mobile and desktop online casinos.

The Same Experience Across all Platforms

It may seem strange, but when looking at the best Apple casino, you are looking at one that offers the same experience for all users, not just favouring Apple or Android users. Therefore, a good Apple casino will have the same games, banking, etc, as an Android Casino.

Welcome Bonuses

An exceptional welcome package so that when you get started you can also enjoy a well boosted bankroll, from the start.

Customer Support

Excellent 24/7/365 customer services, which means any problems or issues that might occur, can be fixed with proficiently & quickly.

Top 3 reasons to play web casino games on your iPhone

  1. Sleek touch-screen interface equals to a pleasant gambling experience.
  2. Top quality gambling casino apps with thrilling graphics and a high chance of winning real money.
  3. Mobile means mobile. Play anywhere you want to play whether on the move or sitting around the house.

Apple Casinos in USA FAQ

Can I access an Apple casino from any Apple device?

The term ‘Apple casino’ refers specifically to a mobile casino that has been optimized to work as well as it possibly can on Apple mobile devices, like iPhones and iPads. These online casinos also offer backward compatibility for older Apple devices down to a select older version of iOS, with each casino determining its own level of backward compatibility. Also, this means that Apple casinos aren’t available on Apple computers or Macbooks. Online casinos played from an Apple computer/MacBook will be exactly the same as those played from a Windows PC.

Do I pay more to play at an Apple casino?

Never. Apple casinos are exactly the same as those on an Android device, with the same jackpots, games, banking options, and security. They have simply been optimized to run as well as they possibly can on an iPhone or iPad. Therefore, American players with an Apple device can play knowing full-well that they are not being short-changed by playing from their device.

Do I have to download an app to play at an Apple casino?

Well, that depends on the online casino. Most online casinos will allow players to choose between playing from their phone’s browser or via an app. Those that require players to download an app will have had to optimize the app to work seamlessly on all Apple mobile devices.

What do I need to start playing at an Apple casino?

Well, first and most importantly, you’ll need an Apple mobile device (either iPhone or iPad) with an iOS version that is supported by the online casino they wish to play at. Secondly, and this ties in with the first, they’ll need to choose one of the trustworthy and reputable online casinos featured on Casinos Online USA to play at and register a profile. Thirdly, they’ll need to deposit funds into their online casino profile/account via one of the banking methods the casino offers. Fourth, and this is the best step by far, is to simply choose a game and start playing.

Is it worth playing at an Apple casino when traditional online casinos have more games?

Definitely! Some online casinos offer exclusive bonuses for players that sign up form mobile casinos, so Apple should always be on the lookout for these. And yes, Apple casinos don’t offer as many games, but they give players the chance to game on the go, meaning players who have luck on their side can win some great real money jackpots wherever they are.

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