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Best Real Money Android Casinos in USA 2020

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Best Android casinos are mobile casinos app that have optimized every part of their website to work optimally on mobile devices, like tablets and smartphones, powered by the Android operating system (OS). Android is, by far, the most widely used mobile OS in the world, because, unlike Apple’s iOS, the software is used by multiple smartphone and tablet manufacturers. This means that it has become essential for mobile casinos to ensure that their casinos are optimized for Android, as statistically, most of their gamblers will play from an Android-powered device. Android Online Casino Apps That Payout Real Money are not really hard to find. Use this guide if you want to play blackjack, slots, roulette, video poker or any other online casino game direct on your Android phone or tablet for real money. Our best rated Android site offer players the best online gambling experience.

Top Rated USA Android Casinos for Us Players

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What to know about Android Casinos?

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Okay. So now that we understand why it is vitally important that mobile casinos offer Android compatibility, we can answer the most fundamental question – What is an Android Casino?

Well, simply put, an Android casino is a mobile casino that has tailored every aspect of their online casino to work exquisitely well on tablets and smartphones powered by Android OS. It should be noted that Android casinos don’t necessarily cater exclusively to Android user only. Most Android casinos are also available on Apple iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile devices, though they are ensured to work optimally on Android.

Android was developed and released by Google, as a free operating system available to any mobile phone manufacturer that wants to use and even adapt it. This quickly made Android the favourite mobile OS around the world. Though, in USA, nearly 40% of all smartphone users prefer Apple iPhones, which is much higher than the rest of the world, while Android sits at just over 50.5%, which still makes it the most popular OS.

Google constantly releases new versions of Android, each version starting with the following letter in the alphabet, and each named after a sweet treat. For example, the current version of Android is called Nougat, the previous version was called Marshmallow, and the one before that was Lollipop.

Top Real Money Casino Android App

Most mobile casinos will allow players to play with real money, either via their phone’s browser or via a downloaded casino app. Each casino will have its’ own app, and while both browser-based (also known as Flash-based) and downloadable casino apps have their advantages, we believe the download version wins out in the end. Real money casino Android apps offer American players the widest possible range of mobile casino games and make accessing casino banking options easy.

Mobile Slots at Android Casinos Online

The bread and butter of any phone casino is their mobile slots. Mobile slots at Android casinos are fun to play, easy to access, and offer the exact same massive jackpots as online casinos played from a computer. The best Android casinos all offer mobile slots from the biggest and best online casino game suppliers, like Microgaming, NetEnt, and Playtech.

How to Choose the Best Android Casino

At Casinos Online USA, we only feature the best and most trustworthy mobile, and in turn, Android casinos. Well, what we look for in a casino is what everybody should keep in mind when choosing an online casino to play at.

Games Selection- What is a casino without a great selection of games? Not much, unfortunately. A dismal game selection will automatically disqualify a mobile casino from being featured on Best USA Online Casinos.

Welcome Bonus - Almost all online and mobile casinos offer a welcome bonus in one form or another. If an Android casino doesn’t offer a welcome bonus, walk away and find one that will look after your interests better.

Safety and Security- The industry standard for securing an online casino is via 128-bit Secure Socket layer (SSL) encryption. If an Android casino doesn’t offer encryption, don’t play at it. It puts your money and personal details at considerable risk.

Banking Options- Banking forms the backbone of any casino, be it mobile or online. A good Android casino will offer a range of banking options, for both withdrawals and deposits. Players always need to check if their online casino supports their chosen banking method. If a casino doesn’t, players need to consider if any of the other supported methods will suit them, and if not, move on to the next casino.

Withdrawal Times- One of the worst things, second to losing a lot of money while gambling, is waiting ages for winnings to be paid out. Nearly every online and mobile casino has a withdrawal limit, so players need to be aware of this before they wager. To qualify to be featured on Best USA Online Casinos, a casino would need to offer quick withdrawal times, usually not more than a few days.

Top 3 reasons to play gambling games on your Android

  1. Great graphics and great usability on Android internet gambling apps.
  2. Awesome experience as a PC however in your pocket.
  3. Playing on the go - anywhere, anytime, as long as you are connected.

Android Casinos FAQ

Are Android casinos only available to players who have Android devices?

Not at all. Most online casinos who have gone out of their way to ensure they are compatible with most Android smartphones and tablets will still allow players that use other mobile devices to play at their casino. To that end, a mobile casino can be considered both an Android casino and an Apple casino at the same time.

Do Android casinos take longer to load, or require more data to play than Apple casinos?

No way. Apple casinos and Android casinos are very often the same casino, which means that they won’t take any longer to load or require more data to play at.

Are all mobile casinos then ‘technically’ Android casinos if you can access them from an Android device?

Well, almost all mobile casinos can be accessed from an Android device, though that doesn’t mean that have earned the right to call themselves an Android casino. Only casinos that have gone out of their way to ensure that all Android users have an unrivalled experience at their casino can be called an Android casino.

Some home systems, like TVs, also run versions of Android and have Web access. Can I access an online or even mobile casino from them? Unfortunately, not. Online casinos can only be accessed from desktop computers, laptop computers, tablet PCs, and smartphones. No other device, no matter what OS it is based on, will be able to access them.

Do Android casinos offer the same jackpots as Apple casinos?

Definitely. As previously mentioned, a mobile casino can be considered both an Android casino and Apple casino at the same time, meaning that the same jackpots will be available for players that use either Android, Apple, or even Blackberry or Windows Mobile.

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