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5 Ways Blackjack Is Played Inversely in Atlantic City vs. Las Vegas

For chance blackjack fans and bona fide experts alike, to make a transition from Las Vegas to Atlantic City can be quite shaking to say the least. The classic casino card game’s rules and structure remain the same in both districts. Atlantic City’s blackjack scene has since evolved differently over the decades.

From the payouts that are awarded to bettors landing a natural blackjack, to the number of decks in the shoe. Also, even the several “21” themed alternatives to emerge in the modern era, Garden State players play the game a little differently than their associates in Sin City.

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1.      The Optimal 3:2 Payout for Making Blackjack Is Normal in Atlantic City

Ask real money blackjack players based in Las Vegas about their main lament, and you’ll certainly hear horror stories about the shift from 3:2 to 6:5 payouts.

Those statistics refer to the payout ratio that is used when you land a natural blackjack or any 21 total.

2.      There’s no Double-Deck Casino Table Running Anywhere in AC

On the flip side of the coin, blackjack fans accustomed to the limited deck shoes in Las Vegas are mainly out of luck when they visit Atlantic City.

Thanks to Uston vs. the Resorts International Hotel, a landmark decision that is rendered by the New Jersey Supreme Court in 1982.  The ruling determined that casinos can’t ban card counters.

The easiest way to prevent card counting involves having to add more and more decks to the equation.

3.      AC Casinos Don’t Permit Players to Practice “Early Surrender” in Corrupt Spots

Another way blackjack game tables in the Atlantic City slope the odds in favour of the house is by eliminating the player’s “early surrender” selection.

When the dealer’s upcard displays an ace or 10-value, the early submission rule lets the player forfeit half of their wager straightaway in exchange for keeping the other half.

4.      They Don’t Allow You “Re-Split” a Pair of Aces Either

Let’s say you want to find a pair of aces in the hole to start the hand. At Texas Hold’em casino poker gaming tables, these “pocket aces” will be a huge holding. Nonetheless, in a blackjack game, all you have is a lowly 2 or 12 total.

Luckily, blackjack rules let you split up a paired opening hand by placing a second stake equal to your first.

In Atlantic City blackjack casino games, re-splitting aces is an honor that players don’t get to really enjoy.

5.      The Borgata Is Home to a 24/7 Table Offers 3:2 Payouts with a $5 Minimum

Based in the Marina district a short drive from the Boardwalk, the Borgata Casino, Hotel, and Spa is the crown jewel of Atlantic City’s betting scene since launching in 2003.

These days, to find a blackjack game with 3:2 payouts for only $5 bet is unheard of, either here or even in Las Vegas. You’ll maybe find 3:2 games with high limit or $5 casino games that pay out 6:5 on blackjack.

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