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5 Numbers Every Player Needs to Know

If you refuse to learn a few simple mathematical facts, your odds of becoming a winning casino gambler are small.

Well, we have good news for you. The mathematical facts that you need to learn aren’t that difficult. And they don’t take too much of your time either.

Here are five numbers that each gambler needs to know. Spend a little bit of your time to learn these facts now and you will benefit for the rest of your life.

Casino Edge Numbers

Casino games have a house edge that is responsible for creating profit for the casino. Some betting activities have a high casino edge and others a lower edge. However, one thing you can be sure of is that each gambling activity you take part in is designed with an edge that works against you.

Long-Term Predictable Results

You can use the simple formula to figure out how much you can expect to lose doing any gaming activity when you know the casino edge. All you have to know is what the house edge is and how much you risk in total.

How to Determine Card Odds

Many gambling games use cards, and even some slot machine games, such as video poker, are card-based. When a casino game uses cards, you can use the simple probability to help you figure out the odds of some cards that are being dealt with next.

Percentage of Bankroll to Risk

When you’re gambling, you need money in order to keep playing. When you have a losing streak and it takes your money, you have to stop betting until you can get more.

You should be setting aside a certain amount of money to use for gambling only, better known as a casino bankroll. By setting aside an amount for a bankroll, it’s much easier to track your wins and losses, and it also ensures that you’re not betting with money for rent or electric bill.

Bankroll Amount

Earlier, you learned about the casino edge. As a casino player, as long as you’re gambling, that gives the casino the edge, you’re going to lose some money. That’s what casinos need to run their business.

This means, no matter how big your bankroll is, it will never big enough if you give the casino an edge. You’re going to deplete your bankroll, or need to add funds to your bankroll continuously.

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