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4 Questions to Ask When Setting Up Your Bankroll

Every weekend casino player has dreams of turning their pastime into a more profitable endeavor. In fact, most would mostly settle for knowing that they’re breaking even.

Step one in creating a profitable gambling strategy isn’t only studying any game, evaluating the odds of the game, and frankly doesn’t have anything to do with games or sports. It’s all about developing a working bankroll.

A bankroll that hasn’t been considered carefully is always set up to fail. In this guide, we lay out the top four questions that you need to ask when putting together your own bankroll.


How Much Can I Afford to Lose?

Nobody wants to think about losing any bets. Even more so, nobody wants to think about losing any money. Unfortunately, that’s what you have to do when you build your gambling bankroll. The first rule is to decide how much cash you can lose without it impacting your life in any significant way.

What Is My Percentage Range?

Question one is the first step to putting together an active bankroll. It’s undoubtedly important, as it focuses on your overall financial picture aside from gambling. Once you’ve set your bankroll, then set a range of percentages for your bets on a particular game. The aim is to avoid those crushing losses that drain your finance.

How Am I Tracking My Winnings and Losses?

All of the information above means very little if you aren’t able to adequately track your money coming in and money going out.

If you’ve done the work of putting together a bankroll and a gambling strategy, the next step is to find a system that will help monitor your cash flow, like a business.

What Betting Platforms Am I Using?

You might think that the gambling platform you use doesn’t play a role in your success or failure, however, they do have an impact.

Pick the best online casino for your gambling strategy can be the difference between winning and losing cash over the long term. The reason? Every site has a different range of features and its offerings that can help or even hurt you based on your gaming amount. How quick you can collect money and bonuses.

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