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The 10 Common Sports Betting Mistakes

As a novice sports bettor, you tend to make a lot of common mistakes. However, you can learn from these mistakes, and as time goes make a few errors than before.  There will be some hiccups along the way but you’ll get better as time goes.

Sports Betting Mistakes

Here are the 10 most common sports betting mistakes bettors usually make.

NFL Underdogs on the Road

It’s hard to make NFL bets when the teams are on the road. That’s why the road team mostly finds themselves as an underdog frequently than a favorite. So, there’s not always value in the home team. You shouldn’t just randomly throw cash at the home team.

When you don’t see any value on both sides, the best option is to look at the total and the moneyline bets.

Betting on an NBA Team for Back-to-Back Games

Trying to guess how an NBA team will do on the second night of back-to-back games is the most challenging sports betting task. It’s like trying to dispute a yeti, an elusive beast.

If you are looking for profitable lines, you should be able to predict the games with some degree of correctness.

MLB Home Team Trailing a Series

You might know that MLB teams hardly get swept in a home series. This comes down to nothing more than a home-field advantage.

Baseball uses a 3-4 game series. This then creates unique opportunities. When evaluating MLB games where it appears, there’s a value that’s available on the visitors for the final game of a series.

Trust Your Gut

We don’t have to explain how bad this is, though we witness this cardinal gaming sin daily. What makes it worse is that players seem to get these hunches right practically 50% of the time.

Blindly Betting on Your Favourite Team

This is guaranteed to empty your bankroll over the long haul.

Betting on Popular Teams

Sportsbooks know the amount of action they are going to see being bet on most teams and the matchups for the MLB regular season. Sportsbooks set the lines based on the amount of action they anticipate on every side of a game.

Ignoring Statistics for Evaluations

We get a mountain of info regarding sports. Thanks to the internet, these statistics that cover all measurable metrics are only a click away.

Pro sports gamblers understand how to influence these statistics to spot an advantage.

Moneyline Missteps

Moneyline bets are straightforward. You just choose the winning team for the game, and you win the wager. Except, that you must also have to pay a premium for the privilege of picking the favorite.

The Coin Toss Approach

An irresistible majority of sports bettors would see comparable results if they flipped a coin to choose games. In fact, some probably see an improvement.

 Paying for Picks

Depending on the source, purchasing picks can be a big waste of money.

For starters, if the tout service were half as good as they claim to be, they’d be making tens of millions in a year. Selling picks would be a waste of their resources and time.

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